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    So I've just signed up at a new gym and I now have access to legit strongman implements (Stones, Logs, Iron cross, Yoke walk, lions,tigers, bears oo my!!). I had a scheduled off day yesterday but went in and played around a little, ended up taking the Farmer carry handles for a few laps with 200 Lbs per hand, not W.S.M weight but me weighing 190 lbs soaking wet ill take it !. Holy hell I have never felt soreness in my traps, lats, biceps, forearms, calves (damn pretty much my whole body) ever in my life..

    My question is how what would be an intelligent/productive way to program these into my weekly routine?

    Current split is a Push/Pull/Legs- I start my week on Sunday hence my Pull 2 seeming to come before my Pull 1

    Mon- Push 1
    Tues- Legs
    Wed- Off/Active Recovery
    Thur- Pull 2
    Fri- Push 2
    Sat- Off/Active Recovery
    Sun- Pull 1

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    Ive always just added in an extra day of 1 strongman type thing, but its easy since I do it at home. Mainly Farmers Walk, or Log since I own the implements.
    Maybe throw 1 of those in per week to replace something? Like Log on shoulder day, Stones on DL day? (Or similar)? Depends how strict you want to keep your current routine...


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      I would be added to this program healthy food and testE two times in week.