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    Some of you may already know that I have been judging NPC comps for almost a year. I’m really enjoying this a lot and it has been tons of fun. Since last night was my most recent judging and I had a few competitors say, “I wish I knew that coming into the show” (or somewhere along those lines) I thought since it was fresh in my mind I would share with you one judges opinion.

    First, you may say well this is not a beauty contest, why should I smile? That is one of the signs that I know you are enjoying yourself on stage. Smile! It doesn’t hurt to smile. It actually might turn a “terror” morning you had prepping to get to the comp.,pumping up backstage, making sure all the last minute touches are right up to par….that smile will make your experience all the more pleasant. Have fun!

    When you walk on stage. Make sure that your number is on your left side of your trunks and facing so that the judges can see. If you have a lot of competitors in your class make sure to walk all the way down to the end to give enough room for all the competitors to get on stage. I know when there are many of you, it doesn’t give room to even do your relaxed pose the way that you practiced, but do the best you can. If you are a competitor at the end, please make sure to angle your body so the judge on the opposite end of you can see you. I’m sure you heard the old saying….make a first impression. Stay tight, stay on your legs, squeeze and smile! Usually when your class is big, judges are automatically told to send down there top 5. Remember, first impression! Your expeditor will usually have you split up and stand towards the back of the stage. As soon as the head judge gets all the top 5 from the judges, he will start calling the top 5 to the line up. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get called out. Sometimes you may have got overlooked because you didn’t make that first impression. You still may have time to show the judges that you got what it takes. So when it is your turn to stand at the front line up. You got a second chance. Show what you got. (But remember, in National comps., there is usually no second chances when you got A LOT in your class. Esp., figure girls of 150 girls!!!)

    Posing. For bb’ing. It is so important to practice your posing. We can tell if you haven’t been practicing. First, you just look awkward. Second, you’re shaking a lot. And third, if you haven’t practiced, how are you going to show off what you worked your butt for all year! So practice, practice and practice some more! You are being judged on presentation as well!

    Color. I cannot stress how important it is to make sure you are dark enough!!! The lights are so strong that if you aren’t dark enough, you will be washed out! If you think you are dark, you may be surprised! Get darker. (You also have to get a based tan, no if’s or but’s about it! Work on that natural tan as much as you can). I won’t go into what tanning product to use because most times you will have to just see what works for you. I, personally have used pro tan for all my comps, and I loved the color it gave me. I know a lot of people use Jan Tana and have gotten great results. I have seen dream tan give some individuals a real nice color, but beware, for this one comes OFF real easily and if you have a light color suit….well, hello dream tan! Your face. I wouldn’t recommend more than one coat of pro tan or whatever you are using for your face. I have even heard of people using a bronzer (you can get them at a cosmetic counter. Yes, men you can you this too.) And also one more note. For african americans….you still need to tan!!!! I have seen several who didn’t do anything and just walked on stage. Well, we can see the difference! TAN!

    Oil or shine for stage. Again, I won’t really go into what products to use. I have used pam at my comps, and really liked what it did for me. I have also used hot stuff, but didn’t like it as much as the pam. But remember, more is not better. Do not walk on stage looking like a shiny, grease monkey! Judges will not be able to see anything other than shine. So go easy on the stuff…..pat off the excess not wipe it off.

    The above applies to all….bb’ers, fitness and figure.

    The following for Fitness and Figure.

    First, I need to say that this is not a bikini contest. You don’t need to walk out on stage shaking your booty from left to right. Practice walking in those hoochie shoes! That is a must! Don’t practice walking on carpet! You will not have carpet on stage! It will usually be concrete so practice in your garage if you have to. I cringe at these ladies that walk on stage for fear that they are gonna fall over with a flick of a feather! Be confidence in those shoes. It’s not easy, that is why you need to practice. Your walk needs to be nice and relaxed.

    For your relaxed pose, don’t bend your knees so much. I have seen (and not only last night) many bended knees and I haven’t had the chance to ask these women why they do this. Practicing your quarter turns is just as important as a bb’er practicing their mandatory poses.

    Make up and hair etc……Please remember that these do count! If you are neck and neck for first place. The judges have no where else to look except for….ok, how is her makeup? Has she done anything to her hair? Combed it perhaps? What about nails? Things of that sort. All important ladies. Even your suit. Does the style compliment your physique? Your strengths? Does it hide or not bring to attention your weaknesses? What about the color of your suit? This all comes into play.

    I had several ladies (not last night) who told me, “I was told I didn’t need to apply color.” Yes, you do! You are under the same lights as the bb’ers. Color matters. You will get washed out real easily!

    One last note. Although there is a criteria for judging bb’ing, fitness and figure. This sport is really the “eye of the beholder.” Sometimes you will consistent scores from the judges and sometimes you it may be the opposite. If your competition allows you to talk to the judges afterwards. I highly suggest you do that just to see where you can improve the next time around. Talk to the judge that placed you really high. Go and talk to the judge you placed you really low. Get feedback.

    I may have forgotten some stuff. But this is off the top of my head.
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    GREAT info, IslandGirl!!

    How did Sparky do??


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      Thanx-- I'll have my wife read this.

      youre so correct as to the subjectivity of the sport!
      who knows what their gonna want next time?
      (pronounced: Swet-Mow-Sheen)

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        Good post IG!

        There were a few guys that had no color or oil on for the prejudging and then came out @ night looking a lot better. Too bad it's too late at that point. A few guys looked great in Pre judging and faded into the night. Anyone who wasn't there in the morning must have wondered why we placed some of these people ahead of others that held their condition or even got better into the night.

        This contest was pretty fun but the middle weight class was a pain to judge. So many guys that looked within the same range. This was my last test judge, maybe I'll test @ the Rocky still...not sure.

        Sparky did well and looked great. I'll let him post the results.


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          Great post, thanks for the info.



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            great writeup --- thanks alot!


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              good stuff, it IS the little things
              im not hardcore, im not cool, pretending any different would be acting the fool--- ill leave that to those who are good at it

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                Thanks for this IG!


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                  You're welcome guys and dolls!


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                    Kid's Wench :flex: and Bon-Bon's sis
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                      Excellent post, IG. Much insight and knowledge. I will ask every athlete I work with or know to check this out. Thanks!


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                        Thanks so much for taking the time to post this IG! I read it when it was first posted and several times since. I'll be keeping it handy.