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Why am I baselining so quickly?

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  • Why am I baselining so quickly?

    I am not skiploading at this moment in time I am just low carb 5 days per week and then smash it hard with carbs for two days on the weekend.

    I easily get 1000g+ of carbs the first day and at least 600-700 the next. I don't restrict my water and keep it normal and I gain 4lb at the most. That gain is pretty much gone the next day (Monday) and definitely done two days later (Tuesday).

    When I was cutting to a a ridiculously low body weight it would take me all week to baseline but at this moment in time I am trying to gain/maintain muscle that I gained in my boxing off season.

    Am I storing glycogen or is it just disappearing? I don't understand why I am baselining so quickly when I am eating so much more? And I am gaining so much less than when I used to use skiploads (used to gain 12+lbs compared to my 4lb now).


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    My thought is that you're not as depleted going into the weekend compared to when you were cutting. With your muscles fully depleted, once you loaded your body was likely hanging on to a lot more water than it is now.

    Think of a sponge...

    Take a dry sponge and weigh it - then soak it full of water and weigh it again.

    Now take a sponge that is already somewhat saturated, but not completely - now soak the sponge completely... weigh it.

    There is going to be a much more significant difference in weight for the sponge that started dry than the sponge that was already wet. Also, it's likely that the first sponge is going to take a lot longer to return to its original state (dry) than it is for the second sponge to return to its original state (partially saturated).

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      Nice analogy and really makes sense. Thank you

      I just couldn't make sense of it before, as my training and everything is the same, the only difference being is I'm eating more in the week days than before.

      I also eat several meals a day now whereas I had to use fasting etc before to help me get to the low weight class.

      My body previously held on to the water weight like anything and I would be really worrying that I wasn't going to baseline. Now it goes before I even get chance to say 'hmmm those 2000g of carbs were nice' lol