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5 weeks out, mens Physique

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  • 5 weeks out, mens Physique

    Good morning gents-

    I've been Skiploading for the past 12 weeks right now with a ton of success. Went from 205 at 14%bf to 191 at 5.3%bf

    Traditionally my skipload has been on a Saturday (it's both an off day and I feel it's easiest to focus on plowing down the 1,000grams or so carbs I need in order to fill and spill). I'm going to be competing in the Mens Physique show in San Fran October 5th which is a Saturday and obviously needed to move my skipload to accommodate. I look hardest on Wednesday after a Saturday load so was planning on moving the day to Tuesday.

    How do you guys move your skiploading day? Do you suffer through the extra days to make the adjustment (ie if I just finished my last load Saturday wait till the following (9days later)Tuesday), partial load on Saturday (like 4-6 hours) and then load again on Tuesday? I'm 5 weeks out and am on point.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Thank you for everything you guys do for us.


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    Skip your normal Saturday load and suffer 3 more days. Then load away Tuesday. All summer I loaded on Tuesday so I looked hard and ripped for the weekend when I was out boating! LOL. It made a huge difference.
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