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Question about low carb diet

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  • Question about low carb diet

    Hi guys ! I need help on something, excuse my little knowledge but I'm currently running a low carb diet( 100 grams or less from starchy carbs a day), all of those come post wo whether they are 50 or 100 grams, also doing intermittent fasting since my goal is to be lean and stay lean, to be honest it has worked wonders , I'm 5'6" and went down from 175 lbs to 144 in 3 months doing this, cals a day range from 1400 to 1800, 50% p, 30% c , 20% f. Now this seems to start back firing me on me starting this past week since I went up a lbs and not looking as cut as I used to,might be I'm holding water from the low carbs, I have one cheat meal a week, usually every 7 to 9 days, I want to change it and start implementing skiploading just want to know the best way to do it, and if so , do you think I also should up the carbs and cals during the week?, not sure what would be the best approach given my situation and also want to know if the smoothness and rise in weigh is due to water retention, weight train is 5-6 days a week, mostly 6 and cardio 4-5, also though about giving cardio a break a little to see what happens. Any help will be greatly appreciated ,that's what I'm here for to learn from the best, tyvm.