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Nutrition for a post heart attack patient

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  • Nutrition for a post heart attack patient

    On March 9th, my dad had a heart attack, and recently got released from the hospital. He follows a vegetarian diet, with little to no physical activity, desk job probably 80 hours a week. I believe that the heart attack was from a combination of genetics since his dad died from a stroke and the fact that he's ALWAYS traveling around the world for various projects. His diet is really low in protein(guaranteed to be lower than 50g), high in carbs(300g+ easy), and high in fats(150g min) from what i observed. The nutritionist advised him to follow the 300g carb, 80g fat, 50g protein RDA diet. Here are his stats...

    Age: 51
    Height: 5'10''
    Bodyweight: 175 lbs
    Bodyfat: 20%+... you could say skinny fat.
    Training History: besides running 2-4 miles 2-3 times every couple weeks, he doesn't do much. Cant do a chinup or pushup, so we're talking 1st grade strength here.

    Total cholesterol is 220 with LDL being much higher than HDL.


    1. Should he be following the RDA diet as the nutritionist prescribed?

    2. I want to get him to eliminate all processed foods from his current diet, as thats where he gets all his protein from. He wont eat meat, eggs or fish because the vegetarian thing is from religion so protein is going to be from whey and milk and cheese(not really sure if this is a good idea either). Is this a good idea? Also cut out anything fried, etc...

    3. My main goal is to eventually get him off of his medications as he is taking 5 of them right now. Is this a reasonable goal?

    What do you experts do for your clients that have health issues, that aren't the most in shape guys, that aren't going looking to be bodybuilders?

    Thanks a lot.
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    Read this in: NederlandsFrançais 🖨️ Print post For almost forty years, the lipid hypothesis or diet-heart idea has dominated medical thinking about heart disease. In broad outlines, this […]

    This article by Chris Masterjohn, PhD, discusses vital nutrients found in animal foods, their functions and their sources, from vitamin A and on.
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      so he is a vegetarian ...but not really in " there ain't no beef in Doritos baby"

      tell him if he insists on be a veggie go all out ...plant based only ,,,and supplement his diet with some of TN pea protein ...that will clean up his cholesterol in a hurry
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        I think he should follow the advice of his cardiologist and dietician first. Just sticking to the most basic of plans will yield a great benefit to him. Too drastic of a change now will be too big of shock to him and he will never stick to it. Baby steps.


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          Is he getting up and stretching on those long flights at least?
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