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Finding what works for your body?

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  • VA Maddog

    The answer, I think, is both. Figure out what will work for you and try to replicate it, BUT, be prepared to make minor modifications. Certainly there is a protocol that can be followed to get you very close, but you are exactly right that our bodies and all of the factors that have an impact on them are not going to be identical from show to show. This is where a good coach can help a lot - the ones that know what they are doing like Skip - have a feel for what to watch for and how to make last minute adjustments. I suppose for a pro who has competed dozens of times, they get to be their own coach, but for most of us a second set of eyes and ears can be very helpful.

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  • TooPowerful4u
    started a topic Finding what works for your body?

    Finding what works for your body?

    Say you tweak whole water load/depletion, shitload, and everything that goes with it for a few shows over the years, and one day you hit it smack on the money. Does that mean, for your body, that that is the exact right combo every time, and itl work every time, or does a competitor always need to know what to look for and troubleshoot, and how to fix problems whatever they may be and whenever they arise?

    I just think about this becuase theres pro's that dial it in EVERY time the way they plan like coleman, cutler, dexter, priest all but once. I mean, is it that they find what works for them and apply it every time the right way, or that they are just good troubleshooters, identify problems quick, and are good at fixing them?