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My 1st show--1st place heavyweight

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  • My 1st show--1st place heavyweight

    hey guys, just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who responded to my questions. After my water drop, i weighted in at 232 before prejudging and ended up taking first place in the open heavyweight class. This was my first show and it was so much fun....i didnt want to get off the stage, lol. well, the show i'm really aiming for is this weekend(june 12th) and i'll make a few changes from last week to come in a little tighter this week.
    Thank you so much guys..........

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    congrats TB!
    Now stay on track for this weekend and drive it home again!
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      Congrats Bro.

      Good luck next week.
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          congrats big guy...that feeling of winning ur very first show is something that will stay with u forever..and no one will ever be able to take that from stay focused and bring it home again..

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            Congrats. Great achievement. Just stay focused and give it your best shot again.


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              thanx alot guys, i'll keep you updated


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                Great to hear, toobig. Dial it in even tighter next weekend.


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                  CONGRATS 2big!! keep it rollin' to the next one~


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                    Fantastic Bro.... were proud of ya
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                      Great job TB24...take care of biz for this weekend as well..

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                        Excellent work-congratulations
                        Livin' for the pump


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                          Damn good job, that is just awsome, glad to hear it...
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                            congrats bro, awesome work.

                            I know what you mean by not wanting to get off the stage.

                            try to get some pics up if you can.

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                              thanx alot guys for all the encouragement......i'll post some pics from this weekend's show(june 12th) since it's the one i'll try to peak for......