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Best carbs for carb-load phase before contest?

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  • Best carbs for carb-load phase before contest?

    just wondering what some of you guys carb-up on after depleting. Pretty much oatmeal and sweet potatoes is what i'm getting so far.

    Also, when you cut your water on Friday, do you have to eat dry carbs, since oatmeal does have a cup of water in it? what dry carbs would be best and can you add sodium back after dropping your water?

    thanx alot guys......

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    Id luv to help ya out but Im scratching my ass too......
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      Really depends on if your going the traditional carb=load or a shit load.
      Yes you need to drop the oatmeal with water. I recently talked to skip about this and he gave me his version but I'll leave that for him to share (AAAAKKkkk-yukkkk!)
      Traditional would be mostly potatos, yams, rice cakes, maybe through some jelly or fruitspread in there (on the rice cakes) to get a mix of GI ratios.
      Now with a, , bagels, donuts, brownies and canned frosting (are my favorites), with some rice cakes and frosted mini wheats also thrown in.
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        when would you start the shitload? i've heard of the shitload prior to a contest, but not to familiar with the shitload during the carb-up phase the week of the contest. When to start and how long and how many carbs per day?

        thanx alot


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          and should i cut out all sodium 3 days before the contest, or keep it minimal?
          was going to do that, then add sodium back in friday night after water drop and lots of sodium on saturday

          how does this sound??

          thanx guys