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carb depleting trail run-----

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  • carb depleting trail run-----

    Icut carbs out today, actually since yesterday at 3pm. Did a depletion circuit at the gym,,,,I feel like Cow crap, and look even worse. being depleted I still weigh 232lbs, but VERY smooth. I looked better 2 weeks ago.

    Im going to go thru with the carb load and see how I look and feel. I think Ive cut my carbs the past coiple weeks to much. I was doing 3 low carb days 125g, and 2 high 225g. But somehow Ive let it evole to 4 low day 80-100g , 1 medium day 150g and onw high 225-250. Im not sure this is working for me. I have no idea how I got of track so much.
    Q: at 3 weeks is there anything to do to ecellerate my progres or should I slip to a later show..... this sux
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    don't panic yet...

    worst case you make a last min. decision to not compete if you haven't gotten where you wanted by show time.

    but you're still 3 weeks out...IMO a lot happens in the next couple weeks for you...

    hang in there.
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      come on now sweaty...hang in there buddy, ur 3 wks away...hows ur bf?? What are ur people telling u?? and why are u depleting so far out?? (forgive me if im wrong in ur point of view, but i hear depletion i think NO carbs, LOL)
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        well---- the depletion lead to me desparately trying to get rid of water retention and that lead to some pics taken this morning..see my post in critiique forum....Im not sure what happened over night , bit I got better....
        (pronounced: Swet-Mow-Sheen)

        That which we manifest lies before us.