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    I am finished depleting on wednesday morning, and still wworking on my loading plan. I tried a shitload last year for 1 show. I didn't come in full and didn't feel quite right most of the day but took my class and was generally happy. I enjoyed all the donuts and cookies alot.
    This year my wife and I are doing this show together and I have picked a conservative approach for her. Take a look:

    Depleting since Sunday less than 50grams carbs/day with full body pumps and 40 min moderate cardio. 2-3 grams of soduim/day and 1.5 gallons water. She is 5"6" 114lbs and about7% BF.
    The plan from for tomorow is about 200grams of carbs from sweet potatoes and 40 grams from oats spread evenly accros 7 meals, and 5oz of boiled chicken breast every other meal. No additional soduim. Thurs and friday basically with 1 less portion each day. We will assess Friday afternoon. She will run aldactone @ 25mg morning and night from Wednesday forwrd. and diazide if necessary for Friday night.
    Water schedule is 1.5 through Wednesday, thurs 1 fri 1/2 gallon.
    We experimented with different carbs but I feel this is the saftest way to go.
    For myslef. I am considering following the same plan with 350 grams /dayday fromsweet potatoes and some oats, spread accross 7 meals. Chick breast every other meal. My water is nearly double etc. I don't know how this wil work for me. I'd rather eat pasta and rice but what the hell? Friday night/Sat morning pancakes syrup, sausages. salt, carboforce, cabernet, reesses etc.
    Any feed back welcome and appreciated
    Thx all

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    I will say this: If you are using sweet potatoes for all of your carbs, you better not run aldactone, too. Aldactone is potassium sparing and sweet potatoes are LOADED with potassium. You could have problems from that combo, bro.

    Just a heads up.


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      To be more direct too much potassium can stop your heart!


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        Thanks for the Heads up Skip. You don't want your board members hearts stopping Hehehe
        Yes I am aware of the potassium risk. We both dropped potassium a week ago. I think the risk is relatively low running 50mg aldac for 3 days and eating lots of sweet potatoes. However I have thought it over and decided to split it up between the potatoes and oats.
        Already eaten 1 meal of each this morning.
        Interesting note.
        when I began adding the 2+ grams of soduim\day my wieght went up for a few days. On the 4th day it was back to normal. I have adjusted to the added soduim and now I am dropping it to near zero. It willbe interesting to watch the scale. I have never really tried loading and depleting sodium in the past.