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whole wheat pita with tuna..Dieting?

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  • whole wheat pita with tuna..Dieting?

    i was thinking of adding whole wheat pita with tuna to my diet once a that a bad idea for dieting?? i was wondering since this diet of mine is getting really bland...Im 12 weeks out from my show, so tell me what u think??
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    Carbs are tricky. Some guys can eat any damned carb out there and others have to go with only a couple. I error on the side of caution and use the lower GI carbs unless a high carb day and then I use a much broader variety. Personally, I would use the pita type carbs on high carb days.

    Just my opinion.........


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      I'm with Skip on this one.

      Get some all natural 100% whole wheat bread. I use mustard w/ my tuna.
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