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pre contest diet?

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  • pre contest diet?

    What percentages for protein/carbs/fat do you use when cutting for a show and how do you calculate calories needed to maintain muscle but drop to 4% BF?

    For instance I want to come in at 185 so I was told that I need 1.25 grams protein x competitive bodyweight. That comes out to 231 grams of protein a day. That number x 10 would = total calories needed. That adds up to 2310 per day. What % should I use to get those calories?

    I was told 50% carbs 40% protein and 10% fats would get me shredded. Will this work?


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    I don't think you can solve this with math. For me 1 carb was too much. I had to cut them all before I started loosing real weight. You need to start out with a good base diet. Get cleaner and cleaner. Then once you can't do that anymore start cutting back on carbs. It is gradual process. You will not eat the same all the way to contest day.

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      I am eating very clean now with no cardio at all. I can't seem to get below 12%bf. I train at night around 7 and finish up around 8. Should I be drinking a shake then or eating a solid meal? I start eating around 8:30 every am and finish with just a 40 gram protein shake before bed at 10:30 or 11. Should I continue to drink that shake that late or should my last meal be a solid meal right after I work out?

      This is very confusing so i appreciate everyones help

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        1.5-2 times your lean mass lbs in protien

        Carbs will vary- 1-1.25g per lean lb bodyweight then adjust accordingly
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