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    I do a lot of my shopping at aSam's Club. What we can't get at Sams we get at the Wal Mart near us. We go through TONS of brown rice, but all of a sudden the Wal Mart by us is not selling it by the bigger box, just the small box. Sam's doesn't have Bro Rice, just white Rice and Basmati rice. We'd like to buy in bulk so I was wondering, what is Basmati rice? Is it similar to brown rice or is it enriched like white rice? Is it a viable bodybuilding option is what I want to know I guess.

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    i like it.


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      Its enriched like white rice. Basically, its a long white rice used in a lot of curry dishes I think (it comes from India). Very starchy. It tastes good though!

      (I *think* the nutritional information is fairly similar to regular white rice).
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        the nutritional info is similar to other rice. i like basmati rice. it is used in some indian dishes, but theres like a billion different kinds of rice, so they use other stuff too. the type you get just depends on either the restaraunt or what your decide to use.

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          I use basmati rice and the way I look at it... as long as its not processed i'll eat it

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            it's also lower gi than white rice
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              Originally posted by AnyOldIron
              it's also lower gi than white rice

              That is true its only a few points higher then brown rice. It has something to do with an enzyme I believe that makes it different. Certainly my top choice for carb loading, and easy to cook.
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                Originally posted by Creator_11
                easy to cook.
                yep, brown rice I often screw up but basmati is a piece of cake to prepare. tastes the best too!
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                  i have a question about Rice calories.. i seen in the in the pro body builders simple new diet plan.

                  chicken and rice meals..

                  I read the back of the rice for calorie intake per 1/4th is like 150 cals, per50gs
                  so obviously i want about 300cals per sitting from rice..
                  but when i load it up to make 300 cals thats a fuckkkkk load of rice and a huge pot

                  when they say the amount.. is that after its cooked? and you weight 50gs of it. or is it the stats of the dry rice??


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                    am i the only one that doesnt really care about its relative glycemic index to brown or whatever rice?

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                      I like rice very much, But avoid it due to fatness issue. Rice is not good for diabetic people. One time in a month you can eat.


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                        Best and easiest to eat rice for me would be jasmine thai rice. perfect for post comp too if you mix abit of honey into it