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Our Drinking Water is in a Sad State

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    Originally posted by SuperSport View Post
    Interesting about the sodium...yes, the sodium/potassium ratio is fairly delicate.

    You know I thought I had my K-NA balance out of whack having horrible leg cramps. Turns out I was low on magnesium and manganese. Since getting that fixed no more leg cramps! It took very little magnesium and manganese to get me back to normal and I only need to take a supplement about once a month now. My doc said calcium is also important for muscles but most of us get more of that than we need.


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      Originally posted by Kyle135 View Post
      why not drink just distilled water if it has nothing that harms you, and then get your magnesium and calcium from different sources, along with other vital minerals and nutrients?
      Distilled water has no ions, in fact distilled water will not pass an electric current. If you drink distilled water try to put a little citrus juice in it to add some ions. Drinking pure distilled water over the long term will deplete your body of minerals.

      Also for really cool looking ice bring distilled water to a boil twice, let cool, pour in a mold, then freeze. You will now have perfectly clear ice.
      (It needs to boil twice to get all the gases out of the water. if you skip this step the ice will have little bubble trails)


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        Originally posted by Deepsquat3 View Post
        I just ( today) watched a documentary on bottled water ..on Netfix... called "Tapped" .. Vovic is owned by Nestle ..mountain spring is pepsie owned..
        There is one person in the FDA that oversees bottled is self regulated and NONE are acceptable...
        Do like Heckman is one less bottle in the waste system ( they don't breakdown for thousands of years)
        That just ruined bottled water for me.. haha..


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          This is what 'fresh water' looks like right out of my spigot. It's not the things I can't see that bother me so much as it is the things I can see.
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            ive also heard recent studies having a troublesome time linking higher salt intake to high BP