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Air Pollution May Damage Brain,Heart

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  • Air Pollution May Damage Brain,Heart


    Air Pollution May Damage Brain, Heart (HealthScoutNews, 4/16/03)

    According to Dr. Lilian Calderon-Garciduenas of the University of
    North Carolina and colleagues, air pollution inflames the respiratory
    tract and breaks down the blood-brain barrier, so that tiny particles and
    metals can permeate the nervous system and brain.

    When investigators exposed dogs to the polluted air of Mexico City, the animals developed damaged brain cell genes.

    In a separate study at the Gage Institute of the University of Toronto, healthy volunteers exposed to air pollution in a lab exhibited a sharp increase in blood levels
    of the peptide, "endothelin", which can inhibit blood flow.

    This mechanism may explain why air pollution can precipitate a cardiac episode or death in someone
    who has a pre-existing heart problem.

    Eight Laws of Natural Health - Air

    Supplying the body with pure air is important enough to determine the difference between health and sickness—between life and death. It is amazing how much misunderstanding that exists even today about fresh air and the role it plays in the health of the body. It's almost unbelievable how many homes are poorly ventilated, stuffy and ill smelling. Even offices and hospital wards lack fresh air mainly because of the controlled air systems, and the windows are structured to remain closed permanently. It is the oxygen, which makes all processes of life possible.

    ..One of the functions of air in the body is the burning up of waste products that are constantly forming in the body cells. When the supply of air is sufficient then the waste matter is disposed of efficiently.

    ..Air is a colorless, sluggish gas. Ninety people out of a hundred are under the impression that all that is necessary for proper ventilation is to have a window in a room open. This is a mistake for air is a very sluggish substance. If the wind happens to be blowing from any other direction but that in which the window is facing, the air in the room will be stagnant, and the constant exhalations of the occupants will make the air poisonous in a few hours. There must be a cross circulation.

    ..Air is a great revitalizer, stimulant and energizer. One can live without food for a great many days, without water for a few days, but when it comes to air, we cannot live without it even for a few minutes. The continual supply of fresh air is so important that we were created in such a way that the breathing process goes on at all times without any attention on our part. Air starvation is much more deadly than food starvation.

    ..While fresh air is of utmost importance to all, it is especially important to the sick person confined to bed. Under these circumstances, the body is throwing off great quantities of poisons into the atmosphere and if the proper provision for carrying off this foul air is not made; the patient will take longer to make his recovery. We can see how few realize this by the fact that most of the sick rooms have an offensive and stuffy odor.

    Remember: Fresh, pure air is the most vital requirement for those who are sick, as well as those who are well.

    ..Air is an indispensable healing agent. No wound will heal without air. You can prove this by applying plaster to a cut. As long as the plaster excludes the air from the wound, it will not heal. The same rule applies to internal wounds. Unless the blood, which carries the healing qualities to the internal structures is charged with a sufficient amount of oxygen from the air, it will not accomplish its purpose. Not only that, if this blood is charged with impure air, it surely hinders the recovery.

    ..Fresh air, deep breathing induced by natural exercise will work wonders in overcoming fear, developing courage and strengthening the entire nervous system.

    ..It was God's plan that the human body should breathe pure, fresh air from the moment we are born, until the moment we die, without a single minute's break. It is important that each room of our dwellings have a large window, which should be opened much of the time. The windows should not be blocked or covered with awnings, shades, or curtains, for all these things interfere with the free passage of the air and also act as dirt collectors. It has been estimated that in order to keep the air of an occupied chamber pure, each pair of lungs operating in it must receive 3,000 cubic feet of fresh air every hour.

    By Katy Chamberlin
    [email protected]

    " We know that to err is human, but the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hell of a mistake"
    Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry for inventing the Polymerase Chain Reaction

    "The fact is that you can not start off with bad science and end up with good medicine"

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