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Lyme disease - Anyone had this?

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    I have a few more links for you too for more info:

    Other people's lyme stories

    More about Ticks


    Articles by MD's

    I hope these help too.

    Took me a while to find them, but they're all marked as favorites for me now.
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      Thanks ill check them out. my buddies that went with me are fine. they were all healthy before we went. All recovered well, we were there for a month most were out for 4 days.

      The IMing would be nice thanks.


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        It's goin good

        Hey, just thought I'd give an update.

        I'm still taking flagyl, levaquin, malarone, and bicillin IM injections. I'm doing much better and the progress is steady and forward. In time I will be tapering off of this and eventually will be independent from any pills of any sort.

        I'm back in the gym lifting now, and in the past 2 months I have slowly become stronger and more able to do the things I used to love doing. This treatment is working.

        If anyone has lyme, know that there is hope.

        Ali_D out.


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          Yea this guy is a pill popping mother, but it seems to be working, hes doing great!
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            To Ali-D,
            I also live in Redding , CA and have been going through the same exact thing. I've been to so many doctors!!!!! I feel like screaming!!!!!!! It's so frustrating, I feel like it is absolutely some kind of conspiracy with doctors and insurance companies. Like the doctors are getting bonuses for passing out the latest new drug and fail to even remotely care about what is really going on with the patient! I got so sick at one point I ended up in the ER at Shasta Regional and was given rocephin by IV and sent home. I felt about 90% better for about a week, then back to square one. Can you give me any advice? This is ruining my life. What doctor did you see? I have the kit from igenix- do I just bring that into the doctors office? Or to the lab? Best wishes.


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              I feel your frustration. I have tons of information and I think I can help you out.

              I don't put my personal info on forums so I'll send you a PM

              I would really like to help.

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                It might be best to PM that info.
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                  And as an update for everyone else it's been one and a half years i've been undergoing treatment.

                  I still have a few more months left but my symptoms are practically gone. I'm back in the gym working out.

                  1 year ago lifting a 5 lb book would put me in terrible pain. last week I was repping 325lbs on deadlift, no pain.

                  If anyone else has questions about this kind of thing or needs to talk I'm right here.



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                    Thanks for all the info. I have been on lyme medication for 8 months now. Great to hear you are getting positive results. Its been up and down for me but I am on the right track now. Looking forward to hearing future updates om your progress.



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                      My fiance has had it for years, I'm glad I found this post, I'll show her all this info and see what she says.
                      Thanks Ali
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                        I have the weird lyme symptoms and live in Redding.....

                        I have been dealing with this on my own, since Feb... and have wierd crap blowing out my skin. I have been afraid to go to the Dr. because it's just so weird, but my $6000 1 year old Savannah cat tested positive for mycoplasma, which is related. AND yes, they can get it. WHAT I want to know, is did you find a Dr, in town?? And WHO? This thing is only getting worse. I also own a chunck of property in the Trinity Alps, and have pushed a mower, on the lower portion, for years, and very well could have been bit by a tick. I just don't know where to take this thing,but have never been so sick in my life. Anyway, any information or help you could give, in the way of advise would truely be appreciated! >^..^<


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                          Who is your Doc? I have KNOWN about this, since Feb, but have been to many MANY Docs, who give me the wrong diagnosis.... excema, alergy, fungus, and have gone to an arthritis specialist, for 15 years with joint/shoulder/spine, back pain. I am 1 sick cookie, in Redding.... who are you getting some help from? Thank-U, for any help you can give me! Jeeze, I have called Dr. Rapheal Stricter... $650 NOW, and don't see him till feb? And that is only a consult... I have insurance up the wa-zoo. Nobody takes it... they all want bux NOW. I called Dr. Greens office, same deal. The guy in Chico with the barametric chamber, my insurance is never going for.... what is the deal with the specialist?? I need some help, pronto, and they don't get it.


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                            Posting to follow this over time. But I had Lyme when I was like 16. I'm 29 now. Get ready for advanced arthritis is all I can say. If anyone has any experience with dealing with the later on symptoms of Lyme let me know. I'm currently seeking hgh treatment for the degenerating cartilage from it.

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                              Ok. So here's he update. Had an updated MRI and x rays done. I have evidently NO or near enough to cartilage
                              Left in my left knee. Right knee is very little left. I also apparently have garbage tracking on my knee cap. Which shifts to the outside of my knees when bent.

                              This is all in response to me trying to go to the an arthritis doctor which was an epic waste of time. They explained that GH isn't approved by the FDA to treat it. Which is bullshit because clinics will do it out of pocket. They want me to do physical therapy. Which I know won't help. He wants to try tape. Which sounds like(could be wrong) kinesiology tape. Which I'm not impressed with that either. And perhaps. If he can get it approved. Glucosamine injections.

                              The problem I have is none of this treats the underlying issue. Which is the Lyme disease. So I don't know what to do at this point. I could go to an HGH clinic and pay out of pocket. A lot of them won't treat me because I'm not 35+ years older I'm 30. Which is frustrating. I could self medicate with GH peptides etc. research chems. Whatnot. But that stuff makes me nervous.

                              I dunno. What do you all think? I'm kinda in a tough spot now. I'm this close to getting into a PD and I cannot have my body fail me like this at the home stretch.

                              Please any advice would be great

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                                friends mom has it, not pretty to witness its effects