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  • CBD Oil?

    Has anyone tried CBD oil for pain, anxiety, or anything else? I'm curious about the calming effects of cannabis with having to be baked.

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    I've tried CBD tinctures, CBD dabs, and CBD wax in vaporizer pens. I can honestly say CBD tinctures made a huge difference for my back pain. I literally would wake up and my back and hips would be out of alignment to where you could see i curved at the hips. I tried massage therapy, ART, muscle relaxers, and nothing made a difference as much as CBD. I do prefer to smoke marijuana at night if I could, my job keeps me from doing that. A friend of mine had a hip replacement and turned me on to the stuff. If you buy it from a dispensary it's legit, be wary of the shit they sell in smoke shops. If you don't mind the harsh smoke on your lungs, taking some dabs of CBD moon rocks gives me a crazy energized and relaxed feeling, alleviating any anxiety. Also helps me sleep like a baby