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    Guys, blood pressure is running a bit higher than I would like. I'm sure more than some of you deal with this. What supplements are you using to help manage? No desire to go on scripted meds. Thanks in advance. Ryan

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    Originally posted by Doggcrapp View Post
    Blood pressure = Querecetin, Coenzyme Q 10, hawthorne berry, celery seed extract, dandelion root, magnesium, are things you can put in the mix and see with testing your blood pressure what it does to you over time. If that doesn't do the trick but you fret about going to the doctor one of the most proven time and time again supplements (that used to be a drug) is a compound called carditone. Probably has worked for 75% to 85% of the people who have tried and used it....just be sure to read the literature and decide if its for you or not but that's a route you could go (I state it because a lot of guys will not go to the doctor and if its between kidney failure and heart attack for them 5 years down the road because they refused or using this supplement rather they use carditone)

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      Thanks. I did several searches in various areas but didn't see that. I'm fighting hives, and it appears that the steroids that they put me on is causing the increase. I've been as high as 160/107. Having to go on BP meds, but only for the short term. Hopefully < 1 month. Good info though as I normally run a bit high. I had thought of COQ10, and just added magnesium back into my diet. Appreciate you responding.