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Knee wraps vs. Sleeves

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    For more than you probably ever wanted to know... /watch?v=igFGrJK6I_c


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      I use "white crusher" knee sleeves. They come in 1 ply, 2 ply, and 3 ply. I like them a lot, and prefer them hands down over any wraps I've used.
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        I ended up settling on Kono knee sleeves. I like them so far. Haven't noticed any instant strength gains from it. Unless you consider being able to lift a little more due to confidence in stability as a strength increase.


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          Bauerfeind knee sleeves were everything I ever wanted.

          They provide the warmth and compression to make my knee feel like its warmed up just minutes after putting them on, but they are also great for preventative use. I know if I go on long hikes (3-6 hours), one or both of my knees may start to hurt around the 2 hour mark. Sometimes they make it the 6 hours fine, but if I wear these sleeves from the start, then I have no pain throughout the day. I can also sprint full speed in these, which is an added bonus. Don't get me wrong, though. They do have a snug, supportive fit. Just not as thick and supportive as the Rehband Sleeves.

          I have the Rehband Knee Sleeves as well and they are great for more specific uses like Squats, Deadlifts, etc.

          If I was deciding between sleeves for a high intensity set of squats, I would choose the Rehbands.

          If I was deciding between sleeves for a workout that includes squats, lunges, and maybe some time on a stair climber at the end of the workout, then I would go with the Bauerfinds.

          They are easily everything I ever looked for in knee sleeves. I've gone through using Inzer's wraps as well and hated the feel of wraps during a lift. Felt like they were allowing me to do more weight they I could safely maintain proper form with.
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