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Impinged Supraspinatus

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  • Impinged Supraspinatus

    Impinged my Supraspinatus tendon, been like this for 4wks, Chyro not getting anywhere with it
    Would doing the broom handle rotations help clear it?
    Going out of my mind totally driving me insane, happened when I switched from standing to seated lateral raises booooo

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    Go see a PT

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      I think I have this same thing. I think mine happened from military presses. I got a cortisol shot a month ago but it didn't do much. I was referred to a PT for 1 session for them to give me exercises to do to help heal it. I began doing that broom handle that DC recommended to see if it will help.


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        I was a 2nd year PT student and I know there is another guy on the board here that is a PT. Just a few questions that maybe I can point you in the direction with. Where does it get impinged about what angle (Arm at side being 0 and 180 being arm raised to the top). Does the pain go away after a certain range or does it continue to still hurt?

        If it is impingement we need to find out if its Primary or Secondary. Usually with this you will present with other things likes posterior shoulder tightness, Scapular dyskinesia, hypo mobile (primary)/hypermobile (secondary). Or it could be from RTC pathology. There is a possibility you might need x-rays done see if there are any osteophytes or bones projecting into the supraspinatus.

        Its hard to figure out what is exactly is going on without digging further and performing special tests so your best bet is to go to a PT, if not ill do my best to help with what I have learned. But hopefully PTAaron chimes in.


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          Two year ago thread people
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            Pahaha, thats what I get for not looking at the date..

            Thanks LG1