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So sick of my back! Could use some advice please!!!!

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    You can meditate laying down. There are times when it's flared up that I can't meditate sitting. I probably shouldn't say "can't", but I sure as hell don't. I have had success by using a pillow as a back support for seated meditation (on a chair, not on the floor - meditating from the floor requires more postural strength than I currently have developed and causes flareup). Start with very short periods. I never did more than 10 min at a time. I also trained myself to sleep on my back. Being flat and letting those muscles relax helps the most for me.

    After reading your and SAHD's posts, I am struck by some of the similarities (though my situation isn't as bad as you guys). My ribs are uneven on the side with the issue. I was in a couple accidents as a kid, one which caused bruised ribs, and the other a fall onto my back which caused pain for weeks. Maybe that was the start of it. It hadn't crossed my mind until the last few posts. Bottom line: improving posture, core strength, balance, and the ability to consciously relax has all helped.
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      Originally posted by jasong View Post
      How long did you go to the Chiro before giving up on that? It may take awhile and you may have to keep doing it. It may not solve it either but I'm having issues with my L5, sacrum and a few vertibrae in the C area. Physical therapy was recommended to me and possibly manipulation therapy. I'm going to continue chiro therapy for now just to ensure everything is kept aligned to help keep it healthy.

      I don't know if that will be your fix or mine for that matter, but maybe it's something to give an extended time with just in case.

      Good luck with it. Back pain sucks, it affects everything.
      I went to a few different chiros for years. Did everything they requested. Even tried lazer therapy through them and paid out of my own pocket and got zero results.

      I now no longer believe in chiropractics as a science at all. It's all based around subluxation and there is almost zero evidence to back it up. Modern day snake oil salesmen. Not to mention my injury is based around hyper mobility and lax ligaments so the worst thing for me would be manual manipulation. Bottom line is I went to some of the best chiros in my area and not a single one of them could figure out what m issue was or even help me in any way. A hard way to learn that lesson. I believe most people get better in spite of chiropractics, not thanks to it. There are some exceptions like if your chiro is also basically a physiotherapist.

      I'm constantly in pain, but I still manage to go to work everyday and train. I was told not to stop exercising because it may cause me to degenerate further(specialist recently said that). She said my costovetebral joint is mildly degenerating and showing signs of hypertrophy so I basically have mild arthritis. But they don't want to fix the mobility issue(because they don't know how) and just want me to get cortisone shots and take meds for life. Super depressing, but I'm not ready to give up yet.

      I really appreciate all of the advice, everyone. Honestly it means the world to me that people will take their time to attempt to help me. Thanks again.


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        Wow, ok. Sorry to hear that. My insurance doesn't cover it at all. They do cover manipulation therapy which seems to be the same thing or close to it. I suppose they consider their credentials more legit or something. I'll most likely switch to that once it goes through but trying the chiropractor until then. I want to do everything I can in my case and give it a chance. I hope you get yours figured out and find relief!

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          I think you need to go to another doctor with your MRI. Before starting some treatment, you must me sure in your diagnosis.


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            I'll be going to a doctor in the states to try a different type of prolotherapy and maybe some PRP and I am also getting a cortisone shot this week for the first time. I'll keep you all posted and see how it all goes!


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              Nothing worked. Prolo did shit all. Still dying. It is what it is. Just learn to live around the pain


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                I believe I may have figured it all out. I may have an auto immune disease that attacks the spine and can attack other tissues. It's called Ankylosing spondylitis. I haven't been 100% diagnosed yet because it's hard to diagnose. You need to have genetic testing and see a specialist, but we believe that is what I have because I have every symptom.

                This might be the end of my bodybuilding. This is pretty serious and can't be cured. Never experienced anything like this. The treatment is just pain management with opiates and anti inflammatories. If anyone has any experience with autoimmune diseases, I would love to hear about it. Thanks