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    Hey Deadn, i really appreciate you sharing you and your wife's experience with us. I have just read through this entire thread, every reply and response and i just want to thank everyone for their input. Really Really informative and helpful.

    Sorry to hear about all that you and your wife are going through. Praying for your strength and her a speedy recovery.

    As a Central Fla resident myself, i've had a few run-ins with useless doctors as well. Very fustrating to say the least.
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      Originally posted by mister69 View Post
      Will u go to an ortho to get the hernia checked?

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      As it is right now the chiro is setting us up for an appt with an ortho. He says it is usually 2 weeks to get an appt. He is being proactive now so when an MRI happens and it turns out that if she has to see one then it will have already been set up.

      We will not know if this is a worse case scenerio until the MRI is complete. The chiro told us that once we get the film we can bring it to him because he said he didn't necessarily want to wait for the write up, that was a new one on me.

      Wife seems to be doing ok today- she did go to work but I told her to be careful anytime she bends forward, as she was brushing her teeth this morning.

      I also asked the chiro about the inversion table. He told me to start out horizontal and only tilt it an inch per session. He also said there was some kind of foam thing that we can get to put on the back to help the back stretch while on it without having to go upside down even at an angle. He said the inversion table isn't a cure all but it can be a temporary help.

      THe one thing I noticed with this chiro is he is very proactive. He isnt interested in waisting time. If he sees good things he explains what he sees. If he sees concern he will tell you what he is going to do that involved being outside of his office. He seems to have a genuine concern of getting people well and not just having patients. The goes with the chiro we got advice from before this place. This other chiro was chatised by her 'boss' for spending 90 minutes with us. She said her concern for my wife's issue overroad what patients she had waiting but her 'boss' didn't agree. interesting. THat was in Brandon.


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        Sounds like your chiro is doing a great job. Seriously. Glad to hear there are good ones out there - all I ever hear about is the horror stories (when they come here after getting injured).

        ... and just to clarify: "herniated disc" or "hernia"? discount code: AAL229 saves you 5%

        Feel free to PM me with injury questions - I'll get back to you soon as I can.


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          Wife did her session with the chiro today. She started with a massage. Both of her hips are sensitive and across her lower back and up her right side. The massage girl did her thing for 20 minutes. My wife didn't really like her massage. Chiro did not do any adjustment. He said he wanted to see what would happen if he didn't do it for this appt. She did decompression and then some e stem. The chiro noticed she was doing good today vs yesterday.

          As far as the hernia- he didn't say she had one. He said that worst case scenerio it could be a hernia. He wants the MRI to determine what it is that is causing this pain. I did learn something out of the massage. Usually if I help her stretch her legs and push her knees to her chest her left side can't go past 90 degree. Today I learned that if her legs goes to the outer edge at and angle and we bring it in it will go much better. THe massage girl did this fairly fast and she was not in pain. I was in shock over that.

          Her next appt is Tuesday. In the meantime we wait for insurance to ok the MRI and she plans to do an upright MRI. Her pain level is a 5. Yesterday it was an 8-9.

          Funny that after our initial visit bursitis is long gone from our conversation. I just hope her weekend goes smooth because last weekend was a rough one for her.


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            Originally posted by DEADn View Post
            Funny that after our initial visit bursitis is long gone from our conversation. I just hope her weekend goes smooth because last weekend was a rough one for her.
            Unfortunately it took almost 7 months to get someone to actually look at the right spot...

   discount code: AAL229 saves you 5%

            Feel free to PM me with injury questions - I'll get back to you soon as I can.


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              Originally posted by Michael Travis View Post
              I know this is not very common, but has she been checked for septic bursitis, or is the doc just telling her it is most likely bursitis? Seems to be relatively severe to have lasted this long with little to no improvement, and to be aggravated and inflamed by opening doors...

              Like I said, its an unusual occurrence in the hip, but seems like you've tried several other options, the doctor can pull a small amount of bursa fluid for examination to determine if this condition is present.

              Maybe a dumb question here too, but does your wife drink enough water?

              Hope she feels better...

              We actually asked the Rheumotologist(sp) this question. She said if it was septic she would be extremely sensitive in her hip area. Our family doc said it sounded like bursitis and then sent her to pain managment. The people who practically throw pills at you.

              We did ask the Rh doc about the bursa and she said that orthopedics do stuff that like but they don't like to do it unless it is extreme cases.

              Does my wife drink enough water? I really don't know. I do know the more water she drinks the more she goes to the bathroom. I mean she can drink a gulp and be in the bathroom in 30 minutes. She weights 117lbs.

              Tonight she says she feels some pain coming to her in the her butt area. I told her I hope she doesn't wake up in pain. At least it isn't her actual lower back. Right now she is walking around fairly well but I stress to her by asking her if she bent down with her back or with her hips and used her legs. Just trying to keep her honest with it.


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                Here is the latest news from my wifes issue. She had an MRI done on Wednesday. They call it a stand up MRI but you really sit down in it and it is open. Only the sides are close together. She did well in it and moved only once but her back hurt a bit from it. We were able to get the film right then but the wording came today. Essentially the MRI tells us that she has several bulging discs in the L3, L4, L5 with degenerative disc disease.

                The chiro says that after maybe a few visits next week he wants her to stop coming for a few week and see what happens. He also wants her to do some exercising to strength the core muscles. They have a trainer onsite that will do session for 30 minutes about 3 times a week. $50 a month.

                I also bought her an herbal anti inflammation thing called Zyflamend because she is allergic to most pain relievers. Not sure how much it is helping but her pain level is about a 3-4 at the moment.

                The bad thing is next week we are on vacation and had planned to drive up to Savannah BUT the walking we thought may not be a good thing for her and the chiro agreed. Plus the 5 hour drive up there so we are going somewhere a little closer and going to use it as relaxing time and just getting out of town.

                I also have an inversion table which I am thinking of selling back to the place I got it. My wife really doesn't want to use it anymore and the chiro says it will only be a temporary relief from the pain. It is a little heavy to move around so eventually I will sell it back to them place I got it from.

                Oh, the chiro also told her that if she feels as if she is getting better in the next few weeks she will not need to think about injections but if the pain intensifies then she may want to think about them but he cautioned that there can be side effects with them. I think the exercise will be a great help to her personally. We used to run and walk fast over a year ago but she can't do any of that anymore.


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                  Looks like my wife will begin some personal training on Wednesday. Hopefully this strength training will help her back and heal up her bulging disc. She will be doing this along with a massage afterward. Her shoulder area still gives her some problems and I am not sure what exactly is causing this. After watching the massage girl do her think I kind of mimmick what it looks like she is doing and I rub her neck and shoulder with lotion. I can feel some stiffness in there. Even after this posting I did this and my wife is out-sleeping.

                  I also came across something that I am investigating. The chiro's wife used a kneeling chair to sit in vs. the conventional chair with the back. I asked her about it and she had me sit in it. Essentially what it does it pushes your hips forward at and angle and your knees are angled downward. As you sit your body is tilted forward causing the hips to the knees to carry the weight of the spine and keep it in more alignment vs. having the hips do it all. We looked up some info on this and among some of the information we found that supposedly this chair helps in the treatment of lower back injuries. We are looking at getting rid of the computer chair-I wonder if we should get this thing to help her back? Currently she puts a cushion behind her to cushion her lower back.


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                    My wife has been directed to another doctor dealing with reproductive issues-in this case it will refer to a cyst she has on her left side. This doctor has the ability to surgically remove the cyst. I wonder if it is A cause of her pains on her hip and back? This would be incredible if this cyst has been causing the issue the whole time. It was caught on the MRI and examined through the GYN.

                    She has been doing some PT sessions with a training. Doing some stretching and strength training. Seems when she comes home she is dog tired and goes to bed early but the pain is always still there even if it is still at a 1, as she said. Maybe the cyst is what is causing this whole thing?

                    I think we are also going to get a kneeling chair through our Chiro to help on our backs as well. Anybody ever used one?


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                      Another update

                      My wife has been going through some strength training sessions twice a week at the chiro. She says each time the trainer is forcing her to work harder. She is using some of my weights and at one time the BD' by themselves were heavy for her. Now she has gone up to 10lbs. She also tells me her pain level has been going down and staying consistent with going down.

                      She is also using memory foam to sit on at work as well as a mesh backing that helps that helps the contour of her back. She says that this keeps her pain level from rising. It doesn't take it away but it helps it from getting worse. The chiro told her that she will not want to use the kneeling chair all the time because it will mess up the knees. Her job ordered one so I would imagine that she will be back and forth between it and the regular chair. She does come home and needs to go to bed early when she comes from home from the training session. The great thing is that I don't see her using the tens unit hardly anymore. All she is doing is putting ice on herself , taking some supplements that aid in recovery and ocasionally I massage her neck and shoulders and hips.


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                        My wife may be headed on the home stretch. She has been exercising through the chiro's office and she is looking very fit! Her pain level is very low now. She says no more than a 2. She has seen a specialist about her issue and found through ultrasound that she has a fibroiad that the doc says is most likely the cause of her pain so she will be going through surgery around the end of April on this. She is going through some other testing in the meantime.

                        When all is said and done the bursitis turns out to be a fibroid.


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                          Great news between of luck!

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                            Yeah, that's good news!
                            ...playing Bingo at the Senior Center


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                              June 6th my wife will be having surgery to take out this fibroid. The doctor says it measures 4 cm? I asked her how big that is exactly and she gave me the ok sign and signaled that the ' 0' is the size of it which seems good size. We saw the MRI on DVD of it and I was shocked to see how big it was. Hopefully when this thing is taken out her hip issues will be gone. She is dealing with a minor bulging disc in the neck as well.


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                                Very interesting thread. I'm going to OT school and hearing the PT side is a nice perspective. I am kind of interested what her training is like.