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    I am getting back into lifting heavy and going to follow the Texas Method for a little while.

    Goal of program increase strength on the Big 3 lifts

    I was thinking instead of deadlifts every week, do deads one week then rack pulls the next?

    Or would you just deadlift every week?

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    Me personally, I would Deadlift every week, but supplement singles in place of the 5x5, if stuff feels too taxing. But if rack pulls benefit you more then by all means go for it. Maybe just experiment and see which ones work best.
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      Do either but if you go Rack Deads then maybe do all warmups as full Deads and just your top lifts in the rack - This strategy always works well for me.
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        thanks for the suggestions. I will play around with it. I started out with deads at one set of 5!


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          love me some good heavy rack deads though


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            Keep sharing such information.
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