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  • Good mornings tips

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    I prefer to do them seated in a rack. Have you tried it that way?
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        id say its way too fast--its not a slow movement but its not an explosive movement either. I like to use the same stance i squat in for my stance and first motion is to hing at the hips butt back before i bend my knees...

        i also like to do these beltless even though hi squat and pull in a belt. I know its contrary to West side but i dont like GM's as a ME. Id prefer to do them as a second exercise.

        i use it build other lifts and therefore keep it lighter and slightly higher in reps.IF i ever did do WS as written id do them as an ME but i think the risk reward isnt great
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          Good video. But i prefer running on the street at the morning. And then some milk and musly