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Hammy Strain 8 Weeks Out

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  • Hammy Strain 8 Weeks Out

    I strained my hamstring last wednesday on a rather light deadlift (525 when my best is 630). It didn't seem to bother me any the past couple of days, so I tried squatting today. My goal was 465x3, and although it felt fairly light, I felt a twinge on the second rep that was warning enough for me to not go for the final rep. The injury doesn't seem serious, but eight weeks out from a meet, I am worried about it becoming chronic or missing time and messing up my training cycle. Anything I can do to expedite the healing over the next few days? I have a foam roller at home; would that help any?

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    IMO the foam roller will help but isn't ideal. With 8 weeks out you might as well take a deload weekend let the body do its thing and recover the injury. But, if that isn't an option there are a few things I would do to ensure faster recovery. I had the same issue a few months ago and the following helped me a lot. Now I don't feel it at all.

    1) ASTYM. This is something a physical therapist can do if they are certified to do it. It breaks down scar tissue over the surface of a muscle and creates a little extra bleeding from broken capillaries in order to absorb broken down scar tissue and act as localized blood therapy. I've done this multiple times to a hamstring strain and it's worked wonders.

    2) Chiropractic care. Get an adjustment and make sure your chiropractor checks to see if you have proper alignment in your hips. By being properly aligned you can alleviate any strain that is put on the hamstring and make sure you don't favor one side. This helped me as well. When the injury happened I eventually had some alignment issues in my hips which was making my hamstrings tighter on the injured side and wasn't able to relax the muscle.

    3) Alternate ice and heat. I'm sure you know about this one but I know for myself, I get lazy and don't do it enough even though I know it works. Lots of protocols on amount of times you alternate and for how much time you use ice and time you use heat.

    4) Supplement with magnesium. Preferably citrate or another highly absorbable form. Those muscles have to relax to heal and magnesium is critical for that. It will also improve your sleep quality if taken before bed at about 600mg of citrate 45 minutes before. Relaxed muscle and improved sleep quality.

    Good luck and hope you do well at your meet. I'd be interested to know if you try any of the things I listed above and what worked for you.

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      I love all the ideas posted above

      I personally have also had success with ART and Chiropractic adjustments

      Before returning to heavy squats I did a lot of band good mornings and step back lunges, this will be highly individual though
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