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Shane Hammock pulling 895 off a 2 inch mat

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  • Shane Hammock pulling 895 off a 2 inch mat

    Been a while but been continuing to grow under Louie Simmons and hope to put up the biggest geared total of all time very soon.

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    Couldn't do that on my best day ever, well done and you made it look easy.
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      That is amazing.
      2014 Greater Gulf States 2nd WPD Class B
      2010 Jr. USA 2nd LHW
      2009 Houston Pro/Am 1st LHW & Overall (Am)
      2008 Jr. Nationals 5th LHW
      2007 Greater Gulf States 1st LHW
      2007 LA Championships 1st LHW & Overall


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        whoo hoo!
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          That was awesome