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    A high school student joined the team a couple months ago. She has a lot going on during the school year with college level classes, band, track and whatnot so we wanted to find a meet before school was back in full swing. Luckily there was a local meet yesterday for her to lift in. This was her first meet ever, she is also new to training

    97 lb teenage class, wearing belt only

    Squat- 159
    Bench- 110
    Deadlift- 209

    She had an awesome day. Each lift was a National Record for the 16-17 yr old division. She took 170 on her last squat but knees got forward at the bottom too far to correct it. Her bench set up was a bit off and she missed 121 on her last attempt as she flattened out at the bottom. Her deadlifts kicked ass especially as the last few weeks she began to over think her pulls and was turning even 155 into a grinder. I got her to turn the mind off and let the rage out yesterday and 209 flew up. She handled the meet well. And the conditions were shit which is why I always try and prepare everyone for anything and everything. They had way too many entries and it was a 12 hour meet from 9am until 9pm. 5 hour breaks in between lifts is brutal. It was also a humid 90 degrees in the building making it more miserable.

    This girl has a fantastic work ethic, is dedicated and listens well. She gets the concept of "get tight" better than half the adult men I train. She also came over to train in a 100 degree garage at 530 in the morning during her summer. Very proud of her
    "You need never feel broken again"