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ANIMAL ABC workout 7/14 with Brandon Lilly, Sam Byrd and Eric Lilliebridge

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  • Squat2Depth
    I saw some pictures come out from this over the weekend. That's awesome that you were able to attend Adam. That is three of the biggest names in powerlifting right there. Would have been awesome to get to pick their brains for a little while.

    The shoe string trick for the knee wrap is brillant. Will definitely be trying that next time I wrap up. Thanks for posting the vid.

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  • Adam2433
    He said he does but wanted to prioritize this meet first. He said John told him, "In 20 years no one will care what you weighed but they will remember if you hit a world record." After the meet he wants to do a show to prove he can do it and also use it as time to focus on something other than super heavy weight so his back can rest and heal up.

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  • trucelt
    So is Lilly still planning on hitting the BB stage?? He announced that on FB but I assumed he had droppedit .

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  • nexa
    Using a shoelace as a threader. Nice.

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  • SAHD
    Very cool

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  • ANIMAL ABC workout 7/14 with Brandon Lilly, Sam Byrd and Eric Lilliebridge

    Today, for the second time in a month, ANIMAL came to Allentown, Pa to Universal Athletics for an Animal Barbell Club workout. Last time it was with Richard Hawthorne, Garrett Griffin and Frank McGrath. This time it was the trio of Brandon Lilly, Sam Byrd and Eric Lilliebridge.

    The gym was full of people stopping in to train or just chat. Sam and Eric filmed a tutorial behind closed doors before ANIMAL opened things up for questions. They were all very impressive. Lilly is a massive, massive human being, Byrd was jacked and looked hard as nails and Eric is a freak.

    They all were nice as could be. I talked with Byrd about balancing life and his work as a lawyer even joking that George Zimmerman should have hired him. Lilly was super popular with tons of people having questions and photos. He sat on a chair and politely answered everyone all while watching people pull and squat picking up on the tiniest form issues and calling them out with corrections. I skipped asking for a pic and tried to keep my questions short. I felt bad so many people wanted to his attention but he was great about it.

    I talked to him about...
    - Working with John Meadows and his decision to go back up to 331 from 299 for CAPO
    - Cutting weight/water and rehydrating
    - When and how to figure openers using The Cube
    - New Cube book coming out soon with changes that explain how he currently trains
    - Never using a box for raw squatting
    - Resetting all deadlift reps

    Great answers on everything. He then spur of the moment wanted to wrap someones knees to show his method and his "shoelace trick". Check it out...

    Big thanks to all those guys, Universal Nutrition/ANIMAL and Dave Barth of Universal Athletics gym in Allentown for organizing a cool event with tons of free info.