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    So 5/3/13 I was 222 and thought "hey I'll cut weight" so I cut my carbs and did my water loading and depleting and got to thursday 5/9/13 and said screw it, weighted in Friday at 204, by meet time I was 215.

    600 Good
    650 Good
    700 No Good, it was close but what can you do

    *I am having severe bicep pain so I sucked it up and passed

    535 Good
    570 Good
    605 No Good, I could/should have grinded it out but I just didn't have it in me. By the time deadlifts rolled around I was stiff and quite frankly uninterested,

    The meet was ran very akward, it was between prejudging and a night show of a bodybuilding contest. There was no warm up rack for squats, one flight went then we warmed up and went. The warm ups were rushed, same with deadlifts. All in all it was fun, I'm going to do a lot of rehab work for my upper body and just more rep stuff for lower body. I have no future plans of powerlifting competition. All gear will come off, no belt, wraps, straps, suits, shirts. Just my slingshot and tommy konos. Like I posted in my journal all my pics in vids are on facebook.

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    Damn I Love to Squat

    Think this was my opener
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      I am over the top beat down, had a fever last night. My body does not do well after meets


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        Originally posted by RobbHensel View Post
        I am over the top beat down, had a fever last night. My body does not do well after meets
        Damn yo. Get some rest!
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          Way to attack the platform man, especially in less than stellar conditions

          Finishing the meet with a bum arm kicks much ass
          "You need never feel broken again"