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  • Phoenix Meet Results

    The one meet per year we get to do without flying a minimum of 2 hours. A very up and down day for my team this go around

    132 Female, first meet in gear

    Squat, 341, missed 374 twice
    Bench, bomb with 253

    She got very sick 2 weeks before the meet which really set us back. Really sucked bombing on bench. She was destroying 285 in training and did not take this well. I quickly turned from coach into counselor. What really sucks is even with just her squat opener, if she just got this bench opener she still would have hit Elite her first time out. She knows her next meet her squat will be over 400 and bench over 300 with a pull in the mid 3's.

    165 male, gear

    Squat, 601, PR at this weight class
    Bench, 391, missed 418 twice
    Deadlift, 540

    He needed 589 pull for Elite. On his second attempt he locked it out and just as down command was coming his left hand popped open and the bar dropped. This was brutal

    308 male, raw

    Squat, 601, 50 lb PR
    Bench, 325
    Deadlift, 501, 44 lb PR
    Total, 1427, 67 lb PR

    He had a great day except bench, he missed 347 twice, his PR is 352 so just off day for that

    220 male, raw

    Squat, 540, 11 lb PR
    Bench, 353
    Deadlift, 606, 6 lb PR

    Also good day minus bench, he missed 380 twice. His PR is 385

    220 male, gear

    Squat, 639
    Bench, 253 raw opener then missed 474 in shirt twice so withdrew from the meet

    He cut from 250 over the past month to try some 220 Junior records but it took way too much out of him

    At one point my team missed 10 benches in a row with sub max weight. I was about to jump off a bridge. We did end up with some PR's and no injuries so overall a good day. 2 more Elite totals are right there and will fall at next meet
    "You need never feel broken again"

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    What is up with the damn bench? That was my downfall too. Makes me

    You guys should all be proud though.

    I will say your "female" lifter was inspirational bad day or not. She oozes intensity, and passion for the iron. Nothing but respect for her.

    I saw your 165'er drop that DL.. He looked extremely pissed. Did it shred the shit out of his hand in the process?


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      A shitty bench on the platform and 24 lifters (9 over the max) in a flight are a bad combo, hahaha. My raw lifters got very cold in between bench attempts. I tried to convince them to use the EFS bench on the platform but to no avail.

      No excuses though, anything can happen on meet day and I teach everyone to roll with it.

      Oh yes, my girl brings it like no other. The Women's Pro/Am is going to be some sick competition.

      Yeah his hand was a bloody mess, we cleaned it and taped it but he did not have enough to lock that weight out twice. That was a 30 lb PR attempt
      "You need never feel broken again"