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critique my bench form please!

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  • critique my bench form please!

    Hey guys! got to do a training video a few weeks ago at the Arnold I had a blast.

    This is like the first time ive seen myself do barbell bench on camera so I wanted to see if you guys could take a look at my form and give me any comments or suggestions?

    first set was 275 for 8
    second set was 305 for 5
    the benching starts right away the rest is some accessory movements


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    Bench technique looks solid overall

    A few things I noticed that should help

    1. Walk your feet back out a little bit so you can drive your heels down hard. Your heels can be off the ground but when your feet are tucked that far back they are straight up and down and it is physically impossible to drive the heels down. So maybe walk them back out 2 inches so you can really feel them driving down

    2. Hard to see in that shirt but make sure the descent remains very rigid and tight on all reps. I know higher rep sets may lose some tightness but always be cognizant of upper back being extremely tight and making sure the bar does not dip to the chest during the last 1-2 inches

    3. Make sure you do not flare your elbows out too soon on the press up. It only looked like this happened on the last couple but if elbows flare too soon you kind of get stuck with nowhere to go

    Overall it is very good and strong, there are no glaring issues. All this stuff is somewhat minor but with your strength should lead to some much higher numbers when everything is fully dialed in
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