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  • Ladders?

    Anyone ever heard of ladders? Where u take a weight, say135 for incline bench... And do one set every minute on the minute and add a rep each minute... Minute one, one rep. Minute two, two reps. Minute three, three reps... And so on.... Would it be effective for assistance at a certain percentage? I powerlift and had a guy at my gym introduce them to me... Wanted an opinion, and also wanted to know if this is something new, or if it existed already. Thanks!

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    I'm not familiar with these... but it seems very time consuming, and I don't see how/why it would be any more effective that any number of other assistance work options.
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      Ladders are not new and can be a fun change of pace to an assistance move every now and then

      We typically use them on the GHR, starting at 5 and going to 15, if you can make it back down to 5, you are very strong

      Ladders are also popular with chin/pull-ups
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