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  • The Cube Method

    Anyone here follow Brandon Lilly and his Cube Method at all? I bought his book and the strongman version and it puts powerlifting into a different perspective.

    His blog is here that describes his method welcome-to-my-training-cube-method.html

    The book is here and the description of it the-cube-method/

    I am trying to get started into it but fighting a quad injury right now that is holding me back from going full blast. I have done the bench days and love it so far.

    As soon as I can hit it 100% I will update my journal with how its going.

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    I am a huge fan of Brandon lily and his YouTube page is pretty inspiring. I've seen him promote the shit out of the cube method and looked real lightly into it. I like the speed, heavy, rep work schemes and all that. Unfortunately I like 5/3/1 more and will continue it till I stall out. When that happens I'll look into cube or more traditional westside work.


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      Well the premise is nothing new really, good at keeping the body fresh.
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        I bought the book and he did a great job putting it together. I like a lot of the ideas he has in there. I will not be switching my team off their block programs but one can never learn too much.

        Eventually at some point I will give it a run myself to see what else I may learn from it.
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          I am part of Corey Hayes training groups, currently in week 8. Short version of my experiance on it:
          -My deadlift feels alot better and reps are alot faster
          -Percentages for speed work for all ifts, I feel are to high
          -Volume is extremely high, my work capacity has increased alot
          -Lots of squatting

          As for bench and squat, I dont feel I have imporved as much. How ever a large part in that is that I got a cold/flu two weeks ago, and that really fucked things up. My advice is buy the book and give it a go. Adjust of wave the volume and percentages....and make sure not to get sick haha
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            cube is awesome