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Apa ironfest 11.10.2012

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  • Apa ironfest 11.10.2012

    Yesterday morning I made weight, 196.5 for 198 Full Power Open Raw, I got plenty of fluids, sodium in carbs back in me stopped cramping and feel good. This was the easiest cut yet, water loading and depletion, still ate a lot just no carbs and did zero cardio and zero sauna/steam time. The fasting for 24hrs sucked but I normally do it for 16 hours dos what was eight more besides mentally miserable.

    Squat 547
    Bench 323
    DL 523

    Squat 615(for you Carlos)
    Bench 360
    DL 600

    If anyone on FB sees my posts and wants to update this during the day feel free to
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    Nice Job

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      543 Good
      584PR Good
      600.7 No Good
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        holy crap...584 is sweet, just remember any PR is a good lift Robb!
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          Congrats on the squat pr!

          Smash the the rest of your lifts.

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            320 good
            336 good
            352 jumped command no good
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              525 good
              563PR good
              573 no good passed out

              Total 1483 PR'd 48lb PR on total at one weight class lower
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                Squat PR and Deadlift PR! Congrats DCb!!!!! Nice lifting brother.
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                  Shit yeah
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                  kind of a douche


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                    Great work! 1483 is damn strong!
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                      Thanks guys, I had a good day, my bench suffered because of my nagging bicep but I expected it going in though. I'll do a final write up sometime tonight and where I'm heading next but it'll be at 198, I plan to stay lean from 200-205 and keep getting stronger and more technically sound.
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                        Congrats Robb!!!
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                          Originally posted by nexa View Post
                          Congrats Robb!!!
                          Thanks turns out is was an elite total by 12lbs, APA 198 Elite is 1471

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                            Complete Meet Write Up

                            Well I started cutting on Sunday @ 209, the closest I've started my cut, I was actually 206 the day before but decided to enjoy my last day of gluttony.
                            I just started my water high on sunday at 2.5-3 Gallons, then 2,2,1,3/4 by 5 on Thursday, I fasted with the exception of 2 Caffeine Free Diet Coke in that 24hr period. I think I was in the sauna and a hot epsom salt bath for more than 30 minutes all week, I also did not do one minute of cardio to sweat out water weight. I weighed in Friday evening at 196.5 WTF? I immediately started rehydrating, breakfast bars, pop tarts, frosted mini wheats, cheeseburger and fries, 3 mcdoubles back to the room, I stopped drinking so much when I couldn't go far from the crapper.Next morning, eggs, grits, bacon, toast and pork rinds for sodium.

                            Totally mistimed my warm ups, I worked up to 495 annd my opener was literally 1-2 minutes after. One of our teamates was there wrapping and he did an awesome job in the abscence of JohnCaesar my official wrapper. We had to walk our lifts out of a mono which I thought was stupid.

                            Opener 543 - Smoke Show
                            *I stood up and the head judge said, don't forget to walk it out, oh yeah. I also don't like having to wait for the head judge to say squat. You end up standing there wasting energy
                            2nd Attempt 584 - PR Good lift, slower than I wanted it to be
                            *Better walk out and form
                            3rd Attempt 600.7 - No Lift
                            *It was probably an agressive jump but I came for 600 and I was taking a shot at it. Nothing felt right from the walkout to the decent, I came up about 4" and that was all she wrote, I wasn't strong enough.

                            I hadn't gone over 315 except for once in training due to my bicep hurting and my strength wasn't there. I expected this so no loss here

                            Opener 320 - Smoke Show
                            2nd Attempt 336 - Easy
                            3rd Attempt 352 - No Good
                            *I anticipated the Press command and jumped it, started to lift and realized I didn't get it, tried to settle the bar but when I got the press command my stretch reflex was gone.

                            MY deadlift has jumped this year, the best I did all last year was 500.

                            Opener 525 - Smoked
                            2nd Attempt 563 - PR Good
                            *It flew off the ground and grinded in the middle of the lift, after the lift I turned togive my third attempt and my light headedness turned to tunnel vision and my leg started to shake. I looked at a spotter and asked for help but he stared at me like I was speaking another language. I caught myself on the head table and took a second to come to.
                            3rd Attempt 573-Again flew off the floor and at about mid knee I started going tunnel vision again so I dropped it.

                            The meets are run very well, I totalled 1483, ELITE at 198, 48lbs better than my best total which was 1435 at 220. I'm getting better every meet and this was a solid training cycle. I have a grea team, lost to my teamate by 14lbs. My bench is really killing my total and providing I can keep my bicep healthy It's going to be a focus as well as hitting 600 in both the deadlift and squat. I'm going to be doing the SPF Raw Pro/Am in MYrtleBEach with some of my teamates in January where my goal would be 1530+, I have 9 weeks to train my ass off and get better and faster. 3 PR's on the day and one loss by The Alabama Crimson Tide made my year.
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                              Great lifting man, excellent work on the PR's. That is the way to do it

                              Why in the hell did they make people walk out of a monolift? That is beyond stupid
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