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  • 53greystreet
    Here is some video from Sunday

    Squat- laughable how easy this weight was for her, Huge PR is coming SOON

    Bench- she did a great job here as I got a little too amped up and you can see I actually pull her off the bench on the lift off, hahaha. We corrected that on the third attempt but she loosened up at the bottom

    Deadlift- this was easier than her second attempt

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  • 53greystreet
    started a topic SuperTraining Meet Results

    SuperTraining Meet Results


    Male 308, lifting raw

    We have his body weight down around 15 pounds to 295. I have him on a nutritional plan as well as lifting schedule. We have been conservative thus far and losing weight slowly as to not effect strength. He has some discipline issues when it comes to food but has been doing better recently. And this weekend being in the same flight as Efferding, The Lilliebridges, Dan Green, etc has lit a fire for him to get in better shape. Now that we have 18 weeks until his next meet I am getting more aggressive with his meal plan and conditioning. He will be a 275 at his next meet and I still am expecting big PR's despite the weight loss. He was a little star struck and feeling weak when he saw the meet roster so I had some work to do to get his head right. I explained it was an awesome opportunity and experience to get to lift in the same flight as so many world class lifters. I think at least 5 guys in his flight went over 800 on the deadlift!!!

    Squat- 551, 51 lb PR
    Bench- 352, 17 lb PR
    Deadlift- 457, 7 lb PR
    Total- 1360, 75 lb PR

    Another 4 PR meet for him, it does not get any better than that. Very proud of him as he works hard and does what he is told. He went 8/9, missing his 3rd deadlift attempt of 501. He is going to squat 600 raw very soon. This was only his 4th meet ever, and his 3rd meet on my team.

    Male 242, lifting in gear

    This is my Elite 220 and top lifter on my team. He weighed in at 226 and usually cuts to 220 but did not make the cut for a few reasons. He has been having issues getting to depth in his new Jack suit so he opted to wear an old Pro suit that is about 5 years old and I think at some point every person on our team has worn it, hahaha. This suit has been in the gear pile for years and through the wars. We are aiming at a 220 Pro Total for him which is 2050. He needs above an 820 squat in order to reach this number. That squat was not in the cards with this old suit so that was one reason for not cutting. The second was he got a cold early in the week and did not want to get dehydrated and stay sick. The third reason was that hitting a second attempt or two would mean an Elite total in a third weight class which is freaking very impressive and difficult.

    Squat- 782
    Bench- 606, 6 lb PR
    Deadlift- 617
    Total- 2005, 5 lb PR

    Elite at 242 is 1940 so this was his 3rd weight class Elite (198, 220, 242) He had a great day and once we get his Jack suit stretched more or get a thinner brief he will pop an 830-840 squat and nail down that Pro Total


    Female 132, lifting raw

    She was lifting in the Women's Pro/Am that SuperTraining runs which is a fantastic event. This is their third year and the meet gets better and better. Some awesome cash prizes were given out and a lot of quality lifters were in attendance. The lightweight division was stacked. Iryna Piatrovich was there at 148 and unless she bombed, first place was hers. I mean she beat second place by 300-400 pounds. My girl came in about 7th of 22 lifters. Very proud of her. This was her 3rd meet with us and her 4th meet ever. She has only been powerlifting for 1 year. She had the second or third highest total but the other girls beat her on coefficient as they put up some great numbers at 97, 105 and 114.

    Squat- 231
    Bench- 170
    Deadlift- 308, 3 lb PR
    Total- 711 (kilo rounding)

    Not her best day at all and she learned anything can happen on meet day and you have to roll with it. She gave up at least 40 pounds on the squat which would have put her in 4th or 5th place. (wait till you see how easy she moved the 231 on video below) Her opener was 231, she beat my up call, realized it, went back down below parallel and came up, hahaha. Obviously red lights for a double dip but she basically did 1.5 reps with her opener. We took 231 again and she got it easily. We went to 253 for her third and again she beat my up call. I have no idea where this came from as she has never beat my calls at a meet before. She was stopping 1 inch above parallel and waiting for my call, then coming up. Complete mental error as she easily could have hit 270 on this day. I will chalk it up to bigtime meet nerves. I had some bigtime coaching to do at this point as emotions were running high. I calmed her down and told her that what happened was in the past, we can not change it and all we can do is move forward and smash weights the rest of the day. She got mis grooved on a 181 bench which would have been a PR. Her deadlifts were the best they ever have been. She easily had 320 on this day but we ran out of attempts. I also explained to her that the girls who finished ahead of her have been doing this for years. It was great experience for her even though she did not have the day she is capable of. She will prolly do one more raw meet before getting into gear.