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Completed first full powerlifting meet

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  • Completed first full powerlifting meet

    Did my first full meet saturday in des moines iowa. It was a blast. set a squat PR, bombed the bench(terrible bencher anyway), did good on deads. Overall very happy, good event. Entered 181 class sub-master 1. 413 squat, 253 bench, 473 dead.

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    Awesome job bro regardless of the bench you put yourself out there in the arena....
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      Great job, now you have numbers and can continue to improve from there.
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        Nice work! I am similar to you in that my squat and deads would be pretty strong, but my bench sucks due to shoulder issues. Which Federation, and what is the age break down for Sub-masters? Again, nice job!
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          thanks guys. i believe it was 30-35, i turned 30 two weeks ago. NASA is the org. Looks like they hold one in april then october and they do a push/pull at the Iowa state fair. Couldnt find anything else in the state. I deadlifted at the fair and thats what got me hooked!


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            Thanks for the info. I am not too far from IA, so interested in maybe trying a meet someday around the area. Thanks again.
            "It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument." -William G. McAdoo