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Cincinnati Pro-Am Meet Results

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  • Cincinnati Pro-Am Meet Results

    Female 132, lifting raw

    Squat- 250, 24 lb PR
    Bench- 170
    Deadlift- 305, 19 lb PR
    Total- 725, 48 lb PR

    Very proud of her, she is kicking serious ass, this was her first meet with us after going through a full training cycle and only her 4th meet ever. One more raw meet at the Women's Pro-Am at SuperTraining then we will be getting into some gear.

    Male 181, lifting in gear

    Squat- 565
    Bench- 410, 8 lb PR
    Deadlift- 560, 9 lb PR
    Total- 1535

    This was supposed to be his meet to hit elite but he missed the 2 most important weeks of training and paid the price. He had 4 PR's lined up solid for him and pissed 2 of them away because of the missed training. He has learned his lesson and after the meet I explained that is what happens when the work is not put in. Walking away with 2 PR's is still a solid day but far less than what he is capable of. Barely missed 600 on his 3rd pull attempt

    Male 308, lifting raw

    Squat- 500, 38 lb PR
    Bench- 335, 10 lb PR
    Deadlift- 450, 15 lb PR
    Total- 1285, 63 lb PR

    Does not get any better than 4 PR's. This was his 3rd meet ever. He has way more strength but still needs to dial in a lot of technique, especially on the deadlift. He barely missed a 540 squat on his 3rd attempt and if he had more experience he would have strained through it. 4 PR's is always a most awesome day

    Male 242, lifting in gear

    Squat- 825, 21 lb PR
    Bench- 575, 35 lb PR
    Deadlift- 540
    Total- 1940, 67 lb PR and motherfuckin' ELITE TOTAL

    So freaking proud of this. He is now our 3rd Elite lifter. It was set up for him to get Elite on his opening deadlift of 540, he smashed it and we all went nuts. His deadlift PR is 585 so we jumped right to 600 for a 2000 total on his next pull and he missed it twice but we will go over 2k at his next meet. This kid is born to squat.

    Our Elite 220 was going for his Pro total but bombed on squats. All his training went really well except for 1-2 weeks. He stood up easy with 800 but he could not dip below parallel and was 1/2 inch high. More weight and more time stretching his new suit out will cure this and he will smash a huge PR.

    My five lifters were spread across all 4 flights which made for a very hectic and eventful day. I was also helping another lifter from CO who did not have a handler.
    "You need never feel broken again"

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    Congrats on all the PR's and the Elite Total. That's a lot of Iron being moved around! Very Impressive!
    2014 USPA Nevada State / Regional Championships - 1,168 total

    2014 USPA National Championships - 1,235 total

    2014 Village Gym Meet - 1,260 total

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