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  • So I was thinking...

    On 1st July, I went to spectate my first powerlifting meet ever. (its only the second time it's been held in my country) Looked like I could gain a lot from participating in it, so I was thinking I could give it a shot the following year (2013)

    Right now i'm 86kg (189.2lbs) and probably fat as @#!$ with a fat% of at least 18 and my 1RMs are:
    Deadlift 180kg raw (396lbs)
    Squat 150kg low-bar with belt (330lbs)
    Bench press 130kg raw (286lbs)

    I know the lifts aren't exactly very impressive in the first place... But given one year's time, what would be a good end-point for all three lifts if I were to improve them? The weight class I would like to try for is below 83kg (182.6lbs)

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    I'm not sure setting a goal for a year's time is wise. Try giving yourself like 2 months to put x amount on each lift, and then re-evaluate from there.

    That being said, if you bust your ass, a year's time will let you make some pretty significant improvements.
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      Alright thanks sammich! I'll try to come up with some numbers i could aim for over a 3 month training cycle first. Would it matter whether or not i trained with a belt? I was thinking it would be better to try and improve without using any equipment for now


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        If their is anything I have learned about powerlifting over the last 2 years, is that we can plan all we want but so many variables take place. I half to second sammich and say worry about the next training day, keep a great log book (this will make a huge difference dependent on what program you follow).

        Your strength is great, could you be stronger of course, but also, will you ever be strong enough?

        I would suggest running a linear periodization program (5/3/1, 5x5, Starting Strength, even Sheiko 29) for the next 12 weeks, and focus on meeting the main goals of each workout. You will progress.

        I also learned in competition that regardless of your weight class just like bodybuilding only 1% step on stage. Find a meet thats close, and go get some numbers on the board. Who cares if you dont total over a 1,000 or your breaking over 2,500. As long as meet from meet you improve thats what its all about. No one will judge you nor does anyone really care what you can squat, the comradre in powerlifting is Epic.

        For the belt, train with it and learn how to use it properly for deads and squats, big belly breathing keeping a tight core will help considerably.


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          I just got off #29 and my patellar and quad tendons are completely burnt out. Even right now on the last day of my 1 week deload they still feel sore. Made me learn a lot about where I was lacking though - I lacked thoracic mobility that allowed me to go deep without my knees falling forward. I still had problems trying to learn the low bar squat cause i wasnt flexible enough from my shoulders down to my arms.


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            what would be a good end-point for all three lifts
            One of the greatest things about powerlifting is there is no end point. There is always more weight to lift.

            Train hard and focus, if it is your first meet, go and have fun. You will be setting a base line of lifts for your next meet so you can go smash PR's

            Do not get caught up in the "oh I want to hit such and such numbers before competing" I am not saying you are doing this but in my experience most people with this attitude will never compete. Nothing will ever line up perfectly so enter the meet as soon as you can and train like a savage, you will have a blast
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