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  • First Meet In The Books

    My first full meet is in the books. It was a small meet and not many competitiors. It was a GREAT learning experience. I took top honors with squat of 600lbs, 505lb bench and a 625lb deadlift for a 1730 total. My final score was 995.961 and second place was 847.99. Although the meet small, the directors were very supportive as I was the only outsider. So what did I learn? For starters I learned that powerlifting meets are a lot mor taxing than I thought. LMAO!!!! After going back and looking at vids, I was not happy with form on lifts. I dont know if it were nerves or the fact that they were let guys get away with certain things. Either way, the team and I will correct it. The last thing I learned is that no matter how professional you are, there will be people that hate the fact that you are capable of doing things that they can not do. I opened at 585lbs on squat. When I finished my lift I walked back to my wife and she was explaining, with an attitude, to 2 spectators that I did not just pull the number 585 out of my ass. I have been traing for this and have done that weight numerous times. At the time I thought nothing of it. She did not want me to lose focus so she waited until the end of the meet to explain that their words were " Where did he get the idea to go so heavy? He will look like a jack ass when they load all the weight on the bar and he can't lift it" LMAO!!! Joke was on them. my strategy is always open 25lbs lighter than gym max. 2nd lift is gym max and 3rd lift is for PR! Might not be best strategy but it works. Damn I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!! Always has my back!!!! Time to deload.

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    Congrats man.... On having a good woman! And great job at the meet also.
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      Originally posted by thedunhill225 View Post
      Congrats man.... On having a good woman! And great job at the meet also.
      Thanks!!! It felt good last night but now my hams and glutes are talking to me!!!


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        Congratulations. Impressive numbers. "Haters gonna hate."


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          Awesome first meet!

          There will always be people like that, no matter the venue. But overall, most people in PL seem to support each other.


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            Going from the size of you in your videos, I'm surprised they wouldn't think you could lift that. Then again the majority of people are complete idiots, so...

            How do you like living in Japan?
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              Oh the sweet taste of victory

              Congrats on killing it in your first meet!
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                Ooooooo snap! She sounds like a keeper!

                And congrats on pulling those numbers....

                ...out of your ass!
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                    Very impressive!



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                      Well done!
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