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Inzer knee sleeves - USAPL

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  • Inzer knee sleeves - USAPL

    Are they legal? From what I have read, it seems they are not. If you cut the latches off, will they be legal?

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    Check the approved equipment list on the USAPL web site. If they're not there, they're not legal.
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      they are not legal

      they were two years ago, and when I competed last March they said they weren't anymore, even if I cut the straps off
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        Ok looks like they are illegal, I was reading the old USAPL rulebook, which simply just said:


        Now it says:

        (h) Neoprene knee sleeves w/o tightening

        I will still use them in training to help me get used to having heavier weight on my back and will take them off as I approach my meet.