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Benching w/ an obstacle

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  • Benching w/ an obstacle

    as in, something on your chest under the bar. I have a two part question, the first being that as I only have heard of the 2-board, 3-board, 4-board methods, which of these would be closest to 10-12cm? Next is what would be the cheapest way to make my own? any good household items that fit this width would be an appreciated mention as I can't seem to find anything that will work.

    Also, pros - cons - opinions on benching with obstacles?

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    A 2x4 is dirt cheap, cut into sections and screw together for each of the thicknesses


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      10cm = 3.937 inches, so two boards that are 2 inches thick will meet your specs. Just use wood glue or screw two 2x4's together and you should be good to go to get between the 10cm-12cm range you are looking for.
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        good stuff, thank you much


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          So, 2x4 was indeed cheap, had it cut for me, glued with superglue, and weird looks from other gym goers not withstanding I had a great bench session. I was nervous because my program had me doing 100% with a two board, but it wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be -- was able to get 8 reps out on my last set.

          So, if I can do 100% x 8 with a "2-board", are loading schemes for 3's 4's and 5's usually over 100%?


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            Generally, yes you can handle more weight the higher the board press. There is no equation or formula to it though and it will also be effected by your individual weak and strong points.

            Just work up slowly and feel your way through it.

            EDIT- Are you lifting raw or equipped?


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              just an FYI; a 2x4 is 1.5 inches thick


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                Raw, I don't plan on using a suit for the next 8 years at least.


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                  If you're raw you don't need high boards usually as the weak point in a raw bench is almost always off the chest. I wouldn't go above a 3 board unless you have some weird tricep weakness.


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                    Yeah, I just made a 2-board and that's it. 10-12cm obstacle is all my program called for, and I don't feel any tricep weakness with locking out (I prepped for this bench cycle with lots of OHP training for tricep and shoulder health).