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3 questions for 5-3-1

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  • 3 questions for 5-3-1

    hi men.i have 2 questions for 5/3/1.

    1)i have read some articles and jim's first book which write 40%,50%,60% percentages for deload week, some other articles that write 60%,65%,70% and some other
    which write 65%,75% and 85% for deload week.which is true?

    2)this question is for those who have read 5-3-1 for powerlifting book.
    jim writes in his book that after last set of 5/3/1 you can do some more singles.
    how many sets of singles i can do and what percentage of 1RM?

    3)has anyone trιed hany rambod's fst-7 training style for weak points after 5/3/1 sets?

    sorry for my bad english but i am greek...
    sorry for my bad english but i am greek...

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    This was posted by Future not too long ago. It should address your first two questions.

    You can pick specific accessory work to fit your needs. I have been running the 5/3/1 boring but big template for the past 3 months with a pyramid down scheme (see template). Its a very solid program.

    BTW, I am half Greek. Don't make it sound like a bad thing, LOL


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      I have currently completed the first 10's wave of the Juggernaut Method, so far so good. I like it better than i did like classic 5/3/1 because TJM gives more variety. Check it out when you get a chance!


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        The answer to Number 1 is , 40,50 60.

        The weeks are set up different on 5/3/1 powerlifting.

        You go 3x3 then singles, 3x5 only do five reps, then 5/3/1 then singles, then deload.

        I haven't read the powerlifting book yet, so I cant give you a concrete answer. But I think it would be 3-5 singles up to your 90% max.