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5/3/1 is awesomely bad!

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  • 5/3/1 is awesomely bad!

    Been DCing for close to 4 years now and swore I would never do a different program. This summer I injured my shoulder wakeboarding and have been rehabing ever since. I'm at about 90% now and can't wait to get back to DC but know that it's not quite ready for negatives and failure so I decided to give 5/3/1 a go.

    Holy Volume Batman! I know it's not actually a ton of volume by 5 sets of anything is tough. I'm only a few weeks in but its a good change of pace for the time being; plus it will be cool to get my big lifts moving.

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    Good stuff man!

    Keep us updated on your progress and good luck with the shoulder rehab.
    "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." - Dr. Suess


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      Thanks man, appreciate it. My goal is to pull 600 and squat 500 in the next few months. I'm thinking since Ill be squatting and deadlifting every week instead of every other I might make better progress.


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        I'm a huge fan of training short of true failure (5/3/1) vs blasting into "GRIND THAT LAST REP OUT!" 15 times a workout. Feels so much better, and easier to progress.


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          Thought this was a post slating 5/3/1