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    I follow a Bill Starr 5x5 routine and I recently learned I can no longer follow it Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Instead I have the opportunity to train every other day. To adapt to this I've made one small change in adding a light day after the 3's day where all I do is some recovery squats. So now it goes heavy-light-medium-light-heavy etc. I believe this will work and this is in all likelihood a dumb question but I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance
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    I did the stronglifts 5x5 for a while, which is similar I believe, and I had no trouble with an extra workout. I did M-W-F-Sat where I had an extra Deadlift workout with assistance on ABA weeks and an extra Bench, Incline Bench, Pull-Up workout on BAB week. However, If you're already Squatting 3x per week, maybe do front squats, or OLs instead on your fourth day? Just seems like a bit much. If I was going to squat 4x per week I would just start a Smolov mesocycle.


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      I'd just go for an upper/lower split if you wanna train 4x a week. 5/3/1 is a good option.
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        This is the program I'll be starting once I pull my new DL max here in about 3 weeks. You'd be keeping everything but the OHP and High Pulls, which would be Deadlifts. It doesn't specify days of the week, just a 16 microcycle progression. I'll be adding in rows and pull-ups on DL days, Power Cleans on Squat days.