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power unlimited - the movie!

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  • power unlimited - the movie!

    If anyone is interested in watching the movie "power unlimited" - you can watch it now on youtube. I've been waiting for this a long time, and I've really enjoyed it! This is the link to part 1... It goes up to part 11...

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    Thanks for that.
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      Thanks for the Christmas gift! Im glad to see it's finally out, now if we can get Team Supertraining bench and dead videos; I won't be leaving the house for weeks ; )
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        You're welcome! I found it literally by accident. That's why it's good to search through youtube for things that may interest you. You never know what someone can put up...


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          I almost posted a link up awhile ago;

          Regardless, thank you Titanium Spine.

          I personally found the section about women in powerlifting to be terribly boring, and will fast forward past it when I watch this again.


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