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The Amazing Mike MacDonald

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  • The Amazing Mike MacDonald

    The guy was amazing, true legend. Full meets, many weight classes, etc.

    Here are Mike’s bench maximums in the differing weight classes:
    • 181 pound class 522
    • 198 pound class 562
    • 220 pound class 603
    • 242 pound class 635 (weighing 232)

    Mike’s best official lift was 608 made in 1977. It took 29 years for someone to break this raw bench record mark, set by a man that looked like a clerk at Home Depot. Mike won the second most prestigious national powerlifting in 1977 when he won the Junior National Powerlifting Championships. Mike set a new world bench press record with a 539 pound effort. Mike also squatted 655, deadlifted 640 and totaled 1,835 as a 198-pound lifter. He won his weight class and also won the overall Best Lifter trophy.

    Full article:

    No fancy "lifting gear" either in those days. T-Shirt/Singlet.

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