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Newbie doing 5x5 to get DC worthy

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  • Newbie doing 5x5 to get DC worthy

    Hey everyone, this is going to be my journal of my lifting/eating/growing experience using Stronglifts 5x5, to build up my old, fat, weak self to become DC worthy.

    Unfortunately do to my ship's schedule these posts will be sporadic. Sometimes I'm out to sea for a month and won't be able to do my 5x5 or update here. I'll still lift out to sea...but I can't use what I use in a gym. so who knows maybe my lifts will be stronger when I return from sea.

    Today I started Stronglifts 5x5. Here are my lifts:

    Squat: 5x5 225
    Overhead Press: 5,5,5,4,5 at 125 (got to do it again)
    Floor Deadlift: 1x5 at 225

    Close grip pull ups (for biceps): 7, 4, 2 ( I'll keep using bodyweight until I can get 3 sets of 10....then use weight)

    seated calf raise: 20x90, 15x135, 11x135, 7x225, time will try to get to 3 sets of 15 at 135 (anyone know of intensity builders for calves)

    hanging leg raise 2 sets of 12 Next time will go to 15.

    Nutrition: I TRY to eat 3200 calories a day and slowly increase them. Since increasing protein and fats while decreasing carbs I've dropped down to 230. I want to continue SLOWLY burning my bodyfat while gaining muscle mass and eventually more weight. The goal is grow a lot bigger, but with less bodyfat.

    Until next time my friends...feel free to comment or criticize. I'm going to grow, but all suggestions are welcomed. See you on 5/18. (Back out to sea tomorrow)

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    Out to sea for a week or two. Lifting sucks with the rolling of the ship. We only have a smith machine so here's the lifts.

    Smith bench: 5,5 x 235, 5,5,5 x 190 (need to start at 190)
    Smith squat: 5x5 x 230 (mid-high difficulty)
    EZ bent over rows 5x5 90 (easy)
    Calf press machine 110x 10, 20, 30, 40
    Dips: 3x10 bodyweight (add 10lbs next time)
    Planks: 3x30seconds (bodyweight)
    Mountain climber rope machine level 7 for one minute each: 2 sets up (bis), 2 sets down (tris)

    343 gm protein
    86 gm carbs
    103 gm fats
    2659 calories. Eating 3500+ is going to be VERY HARD for me. I'm pretty full right now and its 1047 pm. I will have a whey protein shake with 60 more grams of protein and 260 more calories. Does ANYONE have any suggestions to stretch the stomach or to eat more?

    Goals: Short term, eating low carb to burn the fat from my 39 inch waist. Currently at 23%BF (according to the Navy).

    Long Term: 1) 300lb bench 2) 21+ inch arms 3) 280+lbs at 12-15%BF.


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      Before pics and latest lifts






      These are semi-before pics...taken 5/15/2015. Been lifting seriously for about 1 year...but that's using different equipment and eating ships food....not the greatest environment for growing...
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        yesteday's lifts:

        Dead lift using hex bar: 5,5,5,5,5 x 300
        Smith machine squat : 5,5,5,5,4 x 270 (need to drop back down to 255)
        overhead press: 5,5,5,5,5 x 115

        close grip pullups: 10, 6, 5
        seated calf raises: 20, 15 x 90

        That's it for now. Glad I finally got 300 on deadlifts. Now if I can just get my squats up.


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          Ok, its been a while and I'm out to sea...again. We went to Fleet week and I had 2 days in NYC. Both were great. But I was able to work out twice on the ship while there. So as of today. Here are my lifts.

          Smith Machine deep back squat: 5,5,5,5,5, x 270
          Smith Machine overhead press: 5,5,5,5,4 x 125
          Dead lift: 4x 320
          close grip pull ups: 10, 9, 7 (the goal is 25 reps then add weight) will add 5 lbs next time.

          calf press machine 3x 140

          Thank God for pre-workout because underway I've been getting between 3-4.5 hours of sleep per day...not optimal at all for growth but that's life onboard a ship. I could get around 6 but I can't get to sleep after I workout.

          We don't get 6 straight hours. I work my normal day but stand watch from 12-3 pm and 12-3 am. So the only time I can lift is at 3pm , which means I have to skip dinner because that's from 4:30-5:30.

          I'm doing stronglifts 5x5 which takes me a while to complete a workout because I have to wait between 1-3 minutes between sets because of how heavy they are. So after I workout I have a protein shake and try to get 3 hours of sleep....never able to. I usually sleep from 3-6 am.

          Overall, I'm amazed I'm still going up squatting 3x week. I'm still struggling to get 3500 calories in me though.


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            looking forward to your progress!


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              Hey! Man major respect to you for lifting with that type of schedule. I've been considering doing 5x5 myself for a while. Not sure how it would work for an older guy (39)


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                Aaaaaaand he's gone.
                Ph.D., Theoretical Physics '16
                kind of a douche


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                  Well crap... Was hoping for some inspiration