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  • Larry Brown's log of shit

    Ok guys, I'm known as "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" but my real name is Larry. At least that's what I've been told from birth. I got my start in message board posting and became somewhat of a personality in the world of bodybuilding.

    I am now older, wiser and more cantankerous towards the world of bodybuilding and this explosion of "Fitness meme" culture. Instead of being super bodybuilding fan, I've now become a critical analyst of the sport, endeavour, what have you. But despite all the fuckery in it, I still love training, and competing. My last show was the 2013 NPC Wings of Strength where I placed 5th in the heavyweights. My goal for my next show is to be condition.


    And I'm glad to be sharing this journey here.
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    I have known you for a while from the boards and honestly had no idea you carried that much muscle.

    Hope you are enjoying the Holidays!


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      Thanks Skip!

      I'm a horrible updater, so guys please bear with me as I build some consistency in my posting and training videos.


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        Looking forward to reading more!
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          Chest day:

          Decline DB: 40/15, 60/12, 80/12 105/10, 125/7,6
          Hammer Decline: 90/12, +50/11, 2pl/10,10,10
          Pec minor dips: +45/11,8, BW/10

          Good one today.

          8 weeks out in 2013 versus a couple weeks ago (20 weeks out)

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            I told you guys I'm awful at this.

            So here's the deal as it stands right now. I'm a little under 15 weeks out and while I'm not ahead, I'm not behind. I need to push harder on the cardio. I had been holding back as I'm training six days a week. But now I see I can't make that mistake. So making some food changes and pushing forward. Will be posting here a lot more. Giving up FB for Lent.

            19 weeks out vs this past Morning. Not sure about my weight, but I know the look has changed some.

            Time to hit this step mill tonight.
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              Todays Chest Day

              Flat Bench: 4 sets of 10 with 3 warmup sets. Bar paused right above chest.

              Hammer Decline: 4 sets of 10

              Flyes: 3 sets

              Quick pace today. Was under the gun for this session as I had to be in work in two hours and still had an errand to run. This was a secondary workout as it is. I should've just stayed home because I'm coming down with something now. I'm gonna try and cut it off at the pass though.


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                Originally posted by bad bad leroy b View Post
                Giving up FB for Lent.

                Good luck on your prep.
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                  Originally posted by phoenix13 View Post

                  Good luck on your prep.
                  Thanks! I've always considered this board a second home since my Mayhem days!


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                    Chest Day: 2/24/15

                    Incline Press:

                    Incline Hammer:
                    5 sets

                    Dips: 4 sets at bodyweight

                    Machine Flyes: 4 sets.

                    Getting over a pesky cold that I had. Lost about 3 days where anything I ate made it feel like I was drowning. Finally cleared up around Sunday and I was well enough to try and salvage something for legs. Chest was better yesterday, but I still felt a bit weak. Took an impromptu rest day today and I feel like a million bucks already.

                    Doing more hard cardio now. Still no fat burners and playing with my food a bit. Feeling good, but I know suffering to get this shit off my abs and ass will be coming shortly.
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                      Like a dummy, I don't have my log in front me, so I'll try me best to remember sets and reps.

                      Leg Curl/Leg extension super set: 5 sets
                      Leg press(banded):5 sets
                      Hack Sqauts: 3 sets

                      Twice a week leg workouts have been taking it's toll. Going to go and drop them back down to once a week.


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                        Can't wait to see the end result here.

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                          Nothing really phenomenal in the way of training, so I figured I'd share an article from instead. I'm impressed with this young man.



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                            Leg training: 3/12/15

                            Today was my first attempt EVER at giant sets like Milos Sarcev (albeit with not many exercises).

                            Seated Leg Curl
                            Leg extension: 4 sets each

                            Giant set round:
                            Leg Press
                            Front squat
                            Hack Squat: 4 rounds

                            Single Leg curl: 4 sets

                            This was challenging for a couple of reasons:

                            1: Logistics. I train in a campus recreation gym. It's nice and well equipped. However it still gets crowded with students. I train there as I have an extended membership due to my student fees back when I was a student, helped pay for the new weight room

                            2: Muscle fiber endurance. It's just a weakness, period. I want to be able to hit those DEEP fibers I don't normally get during my standard training.

                            3: Mental aspect: I need to get more intense during leg training. Not the beat yourself upside the head intense. But a more intrinsic focus, a' la Ed Coan.

                            225 this morning. So I'm feeling pretty good. Just worried about being in some great condition. Actually sick condition