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Burn the boat, to take the island!!!

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  • Burn the boat, to take the island!!!

    I'm currently 11 days out from my show and still pressing forward
    I had a thread in regards to things that use to work in the past not working for me now.

    I had to make a decision (best decision) and when talking with "skip" I felt his prep services is what I.needed.
    This journal is going to be about my last 2 weeks of contest prep along with finishing the full 20 weeks of working with Skip. I'll also use this to keep track of my off-season as I Feel like my body as well as my mind is ready to Burn the boat, and take the island. Hopefully that saying doesn't lose anyone as what I mean is that sometimes to.make a vision come true you have to go out of your comfort zone and make the needed sacrifices to make your vision a reality. The vision I'm speaking of is a True Super Heavy weight competitor, so this will also show that road of trying to get there, and what I think it takes.

    I'll update the journal with training, nutrition, work, and life. I have more time these days and think the changes I'll be making will be awesome to watch.

    They say greatness is a bunch of small events done well.. and with that, things for me shall begin!

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    Today was one of the toughest days in my prep thus far...

    Hunger and energy was on the higher and lower end, but the look I had post workout has been well worth the sacrifice. Not sure how I had the pump I had, (maybe preworkout) but training on NO carbs and seeing the changes is amazing...

    Cardio sessions are tough, but throwing on YOUTUBE motivational videos is key and listening to what it means to not give up and continue to keep pushing has me focused 100%%

    I have a favorite one i'll post on here soon, and its 43 minutes which is a good length depending on your cardio session, but it has really helped me get throw it.

    attached is a preview of whats to come in the next 10 days..
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      As this offseason kicks off, i'll be on this journal more with some training, a bit of nutrition, and how I progress going into 2015.

      I'm taking a look at 2015 at being my break out year. break out year for me will be when i'm back in the winning circle and having the confidence to know when i'm going to compete next, it will be to win.

      That's been a problem for me over the last 6 years.... since 2008 I've competed, just to compete. Granted the shows I did were NPC sanctioned NOT Natural and something in my mind said, maybe you can crack a top spot with a natural physique going against some of these bigger guys... every year was a let down.... didn't like my placing, but was overly upset about it either ... its taking me this long to know .. Either get back to the Natural shows where you belong, or take the next step to be the bodybuilder you know you can be...

      That's where this journal should get interesting.. i'm looking to stay leaner (with the help of SKIP) and add the needed size to be a top competitor....

      just a few thoughts...
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        I'm in. How's the training and diet going?
        2014 KC All Star Championships 5th novice mw
        2015 KC All Star Championships 3rd open mw, 3rd masters 40+
        2016 Branch Warren 1st masters 40+, 3rd open mw


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          How is your 2015 Competition Prep coming along? I believe we both competed in the same November show in Colorado. (The Rocky)

          2014 NPC Rocky Mountain - 3rd Masters over 50
          2013 NPC Rocky Mountain - 2nd Masters over 50
          2012 NPC Colorado Natural Open - 2nd Masters over 45
          2012 NPC Southern Colorado - Masters Overall
          2006 NPC Mile High - Novice Overall
          2003 NPC Southern Colorado - 4th Novice